Behind the Curtain: Skype Readings

Spoiler, I love skype.

When I tell people that I LOVE doing Skype readings, they give me a side eye. "But, how can you give an accurate reading to someone over Skype? Don't you have to feel their energy in person?"

After getting this question so much, I decided to dedicate a post to showing you how I conduct my Skype readings and how it can be the most rewarding reading experience you will ever have.

I want a Skype reading… what do I do?

First, my client can review my Offerings. Once they select an offering that resonates with them, they head to my  Request Your Reading Page .

I like to get a sense of what someone is looking for before booking. They may be requesting something I do not offer or we may just not be a good match. Usually though, it's all peaches and after reviewing their request, I send them to a scheduling page.

My calendar is right there so you can see what time works best for you. I use the Acuity Scheduler so there is no more emailing back and forth "what time works for you?" You can book it right then and there.

Payment is also collected there and you can reschedule up to 24 hours before your reading.

I like to get all the business stuff out of the way at the beginning so we can focus on getting you the answers you're looking for when we meet! I would collect your name, Skype ID, your email, and the topics/questions you are hoping to cover.

My Ethics

I thought this was a word that was reserved for board rooms and college classrooms, but now I realize the importance of clearly defining what you can provide and what you won't. 

I review your request right when it comes in because I want to ensure the topics and questions you are looking for are in line with what I'm able and willing and able to offer. Many readers will not read cards surrounding the motivation of others. I totally understand this, but my expertise is in Lenormand (my real talk cards as I call them) and sometimes, when it relates to you directly, we're able to explore the intentions of others.  Therefore, I'm okay with lightly brushing the surface of other's motivations if it comes up organically but I'm not comfortable exploring entire spreads about another person, entirely.

For instance, this inevitably comes up in relationship readings. just want to know if the guy you are dating has a side piece...I'm happy to try and see but please don't expect an entire reading about another person. This reading is all about YOU so I like the focus to be on you and how you can be your best self in any given situation. 

What I simply will not do

 I'm not able or willing to try to tell you the day you're getting married, the lotto numbers, or who's going to win the Superbowl. That's not what divination is for! So if a reading comes in requesting something I can't provide, I will provide a refund. So far this hasn't happened and I have had happy soulward bound campers.

Pick a card...any card.

Photo May 07, 2 04 06 PM (1).jpg

Whew, that's out of the way. Now we can focus on our reading! Once the time comes I message you on Skype to ensure you're ready. Then, ring ring reading time.

I find a comfortable place to read with plenty of light. Usually this is my home office or kitchen table (pictured). It takes me several minutes to set up as I have two cameras I use, one so you can see me and one so you can see the cards. I toggle back and forth throughout the reading so you are able to experience the images on the cards. I use ManyCam to use multiple cameras in Skype. I also set up some crystals, spray some clearing spray, and have a few crystals and candles around for mood. Of course a cup of coffee is's life elixir!

The first part of the session, I'm listening. I want to understand what you are wanting to cover and gain clarity on. Then I discuss with you what my plan is to get you the answers you are seeking and to ensure these will meet your needs. For example, my reading last week was with someone who was looking to understand their present career prospects and present work situation. We ended up using 5 different spreads and pulling a card here and there to address very specific questions like "what can I do to excel at my new job?" or "what will my next 3 months look like at this new job?" Most of my readings are in this vein - highly individualized, collaborative, and specific. No two readings are ever the same.

Here's where I get a little woo woo

After we decide how we want to proceed, I center myself with the cards. I hold my cards in my right hand and put my left palm on top, cupping them. I call this my "clearing." I then enter into another energy field...that's the only way to describe it. My mind feels lighter and I begin to feel my client's energy emerge through the crown of my head, down my arms into the cards. I ask the cards to provide the querent with a reading that will help them gain clarity on the topics they are bringing. I thank the cards for their assistance. When they're ready to roll, I get a little buzz, kind of like a cell phone. I'm now ready to pull your cards.

Sounds a little woo woo, huh? Well, I guess it is. It's how I've read since I was 12 and I can remember the first time I accessed this space. It felt like I had been so many times before and like the most natural place in the world. It's an instinct. I feel so lucky to be able to enter that space with you. I believe this space is where the answers come from in addition to the logial alternative perspective you would gain.

This space is the same whether we're on Skype, an email reading, or in person. That's why I'm able to do Skype readings - I can access the same energy space needed in order to give you a great reading.

So why is Skype so great?

There is an ease with Skype readings that make them different from in person readings. I can sense how comfortable my clients feel and their ease of energy. I know that getting a reading could be intimidating but when you're in your own home, in your own pajamas (usually!) then you tend to feel more comfortable and receive the information more openly. This is why I love Skype readings - I find my clients retain their reading more easily since they were in a relaxed and comfortable space, their own home! 

Don't get me wrong, in person readings are great but I don't see them as inherently better than other kinds of readings. Some people prefer in person readings because they get to touch the cards and draw the cards themselves. For others, picking their own cards stresses them out! They want me to be the curator of the entire experience and in this case, Skype or email is almost always a better way to go.

Wrapping it up

After the reading, I take pictures of each spread and take a few notes after and save it in my safe, confidential Dropbox. That way, when we have a reading in the future, I can refer back. I'm also happy to share my notes with you, although I often find that what YOU retain from the reading from memory is best. Sometimes, my notes can just muddle with the natural process of you taking what you want from the reading. Since everyone is different,  I give you the option and send you a copy of this within 24 hours, if requested.

Getting sentimental

I don't simply think of my readings as A Reading. I'm YOUR Reader. Since we have shared an energetic space, I want to make sure you are taken care of and that you don't have lingering questions. I welcome client questions after the reading that inevitably pop up once elements of the reading begin to transpire. This is one of my favorite things about what I do - I love the relationships I build with my clients and feel we develop a special bond. I really do care for the querents I read for and get curious about your life so feel free to send me updates after your reading if you desire!

So that's it in a nutshell! What do you think about Skype readings? Have you ever given (for readers) or received a Skype reading? Let me know in the comments, below.