Hi there. I'm Emily Rose.

I live in Olympia,Washington with my handsome fiance, my toddler dog, and my teenage cat child, Mookie. 

I LOVE sloths, well...all animals really, coffee, the Real Housewives franchise, and Korean food like nobody's business.

But what I'm really obsessed with is getting to the truth that lives in all of us.

That core, gut feeling that helps us make our best decisions ever. Those decisions that sometimes make other people say "what on earth is she doing?" but make us go "I feel soooo much better now!" Our truth not always logical. But it's always true to us.

I'm here to help you align with that truth through intuitive card readings, teaching Lenormand (French divination cards), and through writing. It's who I am, it's what I do, and it's why I'm on the planet. How did I get here? It's kind of a funny story...

A great beginning lives at an end.

Several years ago, my normal, uneventful life exploded into a ball of chaotic matter. A 5 year relationship ended, I moved 3 times, a car accident happened, my father became ill. 

I sat in my bare bones Portland apartment that I couldn't afford, and examined the state of my life. Sorting out the bits of matter that made sense and the parts that didn't. Finally, I settled on asking myself this, "what do I want to do?"

It's a simple question...yet almost always the hardest one to answer. I laid on the cold kitchen tile (my favorite thinking place...I feel like I'm trying to level with the world here) trying to clear my mind, when a friend texted me.

"HELP, can you read my cards? I need to figure out what to do next. SOS."

I sighed at first...I don't have time for this! I'm pondering my life! Let me ponder in peace....

But then I smiled...this was the answer to my question.

The world speaks in synchronicities. 

After all...I had already figured out my soul purpose was to help people live authentically. Duh! Reading for other people is THE best way to connect to that truth teller that lives in us. When I do readings, I can sense the cards cutting through muck of our noisy, mad world and begin to hear the hum of your heart, resonating with the truth the cards bring out. 

I feel I am most aligned with my purpose when I am doing readings and teaching others about my favored divination tool, Lenormand. 

...way back when I was a wee diviner, learning French divination cards called Lenormand...

My mother is a fantastic diviner, potion master, and Tarot reader/teacher. When I was 12 years old, she took me to a bookstore to pick out my first Tarot deck. I gazed over the book shelf that said "Occult" and looked at the limited decks available to me. Being a 12 year old girl, I picked the gold, shiny deck that said "Fortune Cards." That deck shined. I picked them up and handed them to my mom. "Huh, haven't seen these before," she said before putting my destiny in our basket.

We get home and I rip the plastic encasing the cards and pull out strange, beautiful, magical pictures. A dog, a man on a horse, the stars. My mom and I look at each other, puzzled. "These aren't Tarot cards..." she said. Want to take them back?"

I looked at the cards, and something in them wouldn't let me put them down. "No. I love them." I said.

I spent the next 15 years learning these cards. Pulling them out anytime I needed clarification. They became my sassy best friend that I couldn't live without. My friends would come over or call me and their first words even before hello were, "can we pull some cards?" or "that thing you said would happen, just happened!" These are my favorite messages to get, to this day.

It wasn't until years later, I found out my magical cards were called Lenormand and there are people that read them all over the world!

I was elated to have so many resources available...but I found there were few readers in the United States.

My approach to divination

My strong sense of cartomancy developed over YEARS of practice with limited resources (the internet wasn't really a big thing yet), and intuitive readings with myself, friends and later, clients. The result? I have a very intuitive style that is based on the traditional card meanings and modern meanings that formed through the real life events that transpired after readings. I internalized the basic meanings of each card and let the lexicon of the cards form a language in my mind and heart.

I learned Tarot from my mother and throughout my adult life. I found that Lenormand is excellent at surveying the situations we find ourselves in and Tarot is wonderful for inspiring us to change and cope with what we wish to alter. I generally use a combination of both to help you get to the heart of the matter.

When I read, I am translating messages. From who? Wouldn't we like to know! Personally, I think it is our divine, higher self that the cards can communicate directly with. That divine self speaking through Lenormand is usually direct, to the point, and gets at the essence of the matter. Through Tarot, that energy is more counselor-esque and nurturing. I have found that both are inordinately helpful in getting to your truth.

I can't keep my favorite thing to myself anymore!

Back to the floor of my Portland apartment... I realized I NEEDED to share this tool with my community and on a grand scale, the world at large. For those that want to live an aligned life, this tool is a must have! 

I saw the messages in my cards play out in my life and the lives of my querents and realized what a powerful, accurate, and soul powered tool I had on my hands. I couldn't get enough of that clarity that washed across my friends' face when I read for them. That "ah ha!" feeling. *my Oprah love is showing...*

I had hidden away my divination and pulled cards for just myself and close friends as I thought it was "impractical" to pursue a career in this arena. 

When my life went BOOM, it was the perfect opportunity to rebuild my life in alignment with my truth. I realized, everything you have built can be torn away in an instant. There is simply not enough time to live any other way than aligned because this is where we do the most beautiful, treacherous, rewarding soul powered work. You CAN'T undo self work...thus, Emily Rose Divination was born.

I help you align with YOUR truth so you can live your most abundant life, today. 

Let's get you to your kitchen floor moment.

Okay, hopefully it will be a lot more comfortable than that!

When we read together, we are sharing a sacred space. In this sacred space, I'm aligned with my soul purpose which is to guide you back to yours. This is the place where your truth shines through, guiding you to soul powered decision making and inspires clarity and confidence. 

I read via Zoom video conferencing, phone, and email and occasionally do in person readings and events.

So....What would you like to do?

Interested in a reading?

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Have questions? Email me: emily@emilyrosedivination.com