My Reading Calendar is Currently Open

Pop quiz. 

  • Are you looking for some insight into a work or personal situation?

  • Do you feel disconnected? Like you can't fully hear what your gut is telling you?

  • Do you feel uncertain about your next move?

Say yes to one or more of these? It's time for a reading.

Emily is such a warm and inviting soul. She made the skeptical person I am feel completely comfortable. She has done a couple of readings for me and every time I walked away feeling almost shocked at how accurate it was. She would touch on things I’d been thinking about and had never even spoken out loud. I honestly can’t wait to get another reading done by Emily because I know it will be a great experience.
— Elizabeth C.

Grand Tableau - One Hour Reading

The Grand Tableau is like a life map that illuminates what is most important for you to know right now. We survey your past, present, and a glimpse of the future to give you the perspective to direct your most aligned life.

 What to expect: Lenormand has a sassy, to the point style and often tells you what you NEED to know rather than what you think you WANT to know. As your reader, I do my best to deliver messages compassionately but it is important to know that this is channeled information from your best and highest good and can have a bit of a tough love approach.

When you’re ready for real transformation, it’s time for a Grand Tableau reading.

Available via Zoom video conferencing or phone.


Thank you so much for the reading! It was exactly what I needed to affirm myself. I’m feeling more sure footed.
— Chloè S

 My Ethics

I firmly believe your reading is about YOU. For this reason, I will not answer questions about other people's motivations, wants, etc. I'm okay answering questions about how a person relates to you but I won't get into what other people are thinking or feeling.

I am not able to provide refunds for a reading you have already received.

You can reschedule up to 24 hours in advance of your reading. 

Emily has a true and natural gift for the art of divination. I feel ever blessed that she is sharing her gift and allowing the cards to speak through her in such a precise and impactful way. Her equanimous delivery of insight and wisdom is expressed with grace, providing an easy and natural landscape for one to receive the truth and clarity they are looking for. Every reading she gives her full attention and presence, deeply listening and assuring through clarifying questions, exactly what guidance is needed.
— Erika C.

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