August Monthly Forecast - Drop your Anchor

Sail past the shiny thing and drop your anchor in calm waters.

We're here at the end of July and.there is sooo much stuff going on! Is it the same for you? My boyfriend is buying a house, I have all kinds of new projects I'm working on here....needless to say, there are choices to be made at every turn that can have long lasting effects. 

This month, we're asked to consider the choices we're making and ensuring we're looking at the long run and not picking the fast, pretty, shiny thing in front of our face. And boy those choices can be tempting!

For instance...I have a friend who is considering renting a house vs an apartment. The house is exactly what she dreamed of but she knows the apartment would be the more practical choice because she could save more money, have less hassle, and travel more.

This month, the cards urge us to pick the apartments of our lives - the choices that will set us up to be more successful financially and secure our overall stability and to pass on the glitzy thing right in front of us.

Let's take a closer look at our Lenormand spread.

Titania's Fortune Cards

Titania's Fortune Cards

Here's a breakdown for you Lovely Lenormand Learners:

Clover + Mouse = Loss of luck, temptation gnaws at you. 

Mouse + Road = Worry, stress around choices. 

Road = Central issue. Choices to make. Fork in the road.

Road + Anchor = Decision creates stability. Sound choice.

Anchor + Bear = Financial Stability. Grounded/big decision. 

Although the Clover and Bear bookend this reading, I really think this is a battle between the Clover and the Anchor. The Clover is number 2 in Lenormand while the Anchor is all the way at 35 (out of 36)! Clearly this is short term vs. long term. With a negative card (the mouse) by the clover, we know that the anchor is the sounder choice. 

Want to learn more about card combinations? If you live near the Portland, OR area, check out my Combine to Divine workshop at New Renaissance Books on August 12th from 2pm - 4pm. My Facebook Event Page has more information. 

Have a fabulous August!