Learn Tarot! Weekly Draw 8.14.17: Temperance

I decided to speak from the heart this week.

Instead of drafting talking points and having a structured video, I thought I would my thoughts on our card of the week straight from the heart. This card is near and dear to me and I have been working with it for the past few months. We drew........

Animal Totem Tarot - Leeza Robertson

Animal Totem Tarot - Leeza Robertson

Temperance is all about learning how to make the discordant parts within you jive.

Sometimes, we go through our lives feeling like a walking contradiction. Our values may not always align with our actions. We may practice Buddhism but multitask all day. We may love fitness and health and want chocolate cake constantly. We may be religious scientists. On the surface, these things sound like direct contradictions...but these contradictions make us complicated, interesting, and human! They may not even be contradictions - just nuances to our individualism. Learning to live in harmony with your dissonance is the stuff inner peace is made of.

We need to practice self compassion and self care to even start the journey of living a healthy balanced life.

This is where the flamingo comes in...

The pinker a flamingo is, the healthier it is. Look at your physical body. It's wanting to tell you something. Are you paler than usual? Is your skin out of wack? Do something this week to listen to and nourish your body. This is the first step toward feeding your compassionate self! 

More on the video....

Carry on and be bright flamingos this week!

How are you resonating with this card? Let me know in the comments below!