Release a Creative Block - Tarot Spread

I truly believe we are all creative.


Every single one of us.

I know you may sit there and say "but Emily...I'm not creative at all!" 

I promise you are. Just because you are not a painter or musician doesn't mean you are not creative. Creativity is just the expression of original ideas. Literally ANYTHING you do in life can be zested up with some creativity!

For instance, you can add your own flare to a work PowerPoint, to the design of a room in your house, and even using creativity to organize a business plan for a dog walking side hustle.

But sometimes, we are not able to tap into our creative truth because there is something blocking us. This can be a habit, life structure, negative thinking, Usually, we are so embedded in our daily grinds, we can't even see what is preventing us from reaching our creative potential! 

Can you even imagine if you were to reach your potential? You would be unstoppable. Original ideas are what make the world move and shake...we are all movers and shakers. We just have to choose to access this energy within us and release what is preventing us from achieving what we would like to achieve.

As promised in Last Week's Forecast, here is the Tarot layout to help you identify and leave that blockage in the dust.

For many clients, I will start with a Lenormand Box spread and ask "what is the current state of my creative life?" I don't yet have a box spread post, but I will be teaching a class on the subject next month if you would like to learn!

Depending on the outcome of the box spread, I would ask some/all of the above questions with Tarot cards. 

I looove layering Tarot and Lenormand as you are able to get a practical, straightforward answer with Lenormand then address the inner world with Tarot. 

Let me know what your spread looks like! 

Comment below or tag me in a photo of your spread.

See you all next week :)