A Conversation with Rana George - How to Read the 4 Bonus Cards in the Rana George Lenormand

The 4 Bonus Cards Explained

It's no secret that I'm a HUGE Rana George fan. I have the privilege of calling her my good friend and mentor and I was so excited when she wanted to chat about her 4 bonus cards!

In this post you'll find:

  • A video conversation with Rana and myself having a casual chat about her bonus cards

  • Card keywords

  • Sample spreads

As many of you know, the Petit Lenormand traditionally has 36 cards. Rana's deck has 42. Two of which are extra people cares (an extra man card and an extra woman card). That leaves 4 extra cards! These are game changer cards that add more depth, dimension, and nuance to your readings. They are: 

  • 37. The Spirit

  • 38. The Incense Burner

  • 39. The Bed

  • 40. The Market

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Meet the Glam Lenormand Goddess, Rana George

Rana George.png

Rana is a person that generally needs no introduction, but in case you don't know her, Rana is the best-selling author of The Essential Lenormand (Published by Llewellyn) and the creator of the Rana George Lenormand (Published by US Games). She is a well respected and glamorous celebrity reader, diviner, and teacher.

I can go on as she has accomplished so much and you can learn more about Rana on her website. Learn more about Rana.



Here's a video of our casual chat where we put the bonus cards into action!

A Closer Look at the 4 Bonus Cards


37. Spirit - spirituality, a spirit/entity, destiny (this one is very customizable to you)

38. Incense Burner - clearing, energy, essence, significant but fleeting

39. Bed - sexual intimacy, comfort, cozy

40. Market - work, shopping, transaction

Sample Spreads


Question: I just moved and I'm wondering if I moved to the right place. What may I experience in the next 6 months in my new home?

Fox (1).jpg

Answer: Yes, it seems you moved to the right place. You'll find a community of people who will inspire you to deepen your understanding of your spirituality. 

Incense Burner

Question: I'm going on a blind date with a man tomorrow. What will I think of him?

Copy of Fox.jpg

Answer: You'll get a negative sense of him and likely will not trust him.


Question: I just got a new job. How will this job impact my overall professional development?

Copy of Copy of Fox.jpg

Answer: The job will feel cozy and comfortable but your overall success will be blocked. Not enough challenge and too much comfort. 


Question: I've been looking to buy a house and want to know if I will find one soon. What may I experience with my house search in the next 3 months?

Copy of Copy of Copy of Fox.jpg

Answer: You will keep looking over the next 3 months. You'll become more strategic with your search through practice which can begin to yield some positive benefits.


Have you used any of the 4 bonus cards in your readings? Let me know your favorite one in the comments below!