The Bouquet - Lenormand Card Combinations and Meanings

9. The Bouquet

“When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed.”

Maya Angelou



  • A Gift

  • Beauty

  • Superficiality

  • Aesthetics

  • Pleasantries

The Bouquet Card Meaning

When the Bouquet comes to mind, I think of a simple bouquet of flowers. Now, a bouquet of flowers is not life changing, but it does invoke a sense of momentary joy. The flowers themself represent the fleeting beauty of a picked flower. The beauty doesn’t last forever, but in the moment, it brings a smile.

When the Bouquet appears in your reading, it is often representing beauty, a gift, or some small joy. In some cases, it also represents what is on the surface, such as the ego. Look to the surrounding cards to see what this gift or beauty is pertaining to. And don’t forget to smile a little - although the Bouquet’s joy may be fleeting, it is still beautiful and a gift to celebrate.


The Bouquet Card Combinations

Did the Bouquet card show up in your reading? Check out the card combinations below. Please note, there are almost infinite meanings for Lenormand combinations. These combinations below are interpretations I have discovered over the years. The context can change EVERYTHING so use these meanings as prompts for your intuition to sing with the context of your question. I can't stress enough how important context is!


  • Rider (1) = A gift delivery

  • Clover (2) = Fleeting joy or beauty

  • Ship (3) = Gifting a trip

  • House (4) = Decorating, a family gift

  • Tree (5) = Happiness/joy has roots, lasting beauty

  • Clouds (6) = Ego causes confusion, what you see is not what you get

  • Snake (7) = Beauty is an illusion, deceptive gift

  • Coffin (8) = End of joy, throwing a gift away

  • Scythe (10) = Plastic surgery, an abrupt end to joy

  • Whip (11) = Superficial fighting, arguing about superficial things

  • Birds (12) = Pleasantries, etiquette, polite conversation

  • Child (13) = A new gift

  • Fox (14) = Strategic gift, a gift with an agenda

  • Bear (15) = Gift from a boss

  • Stars (16) = Spreading joy

  • Stork (17) = Positive progression, forward movement

  • Dog (18) = Gift from a friend, friendly pleasantries

  • Tower (19) = Organizational gift, office pleasantries

  • Garden (20) = Etiquette, pleasantries

  • Mountain (21) = Joy is blocked

  • Crossroads (22) = Gift leads to choices

  • Mice (23) = Worrying under the surface

  • Heart (24) = Heartfelt gift

  • Ring (25) = Pleasantries for the sake of a relationship

  • Book (26) = There’s more than meets the eye, a surprise gift

  • Letter (27) = Paper gift (a letter reveals a gift)

  • Man (28) = Gift from a man

  • Woman (29) = Gift from a woman

  • Lilies (30) = An old gift, longstanding pleasantries

  • Sun (31) = Happiness an joy

  • Moon (32) = A creative gift, gift in the form of recognition

  • Key (33) = Gift to celebrate success, politeness leads to success

  • Fish (34) = A lot of gifts

  • Anchor (35) = Positivity here to stay

  • Cross (36) = A gift with a catch, ego weighs down

Example Spreads with the Bouquet


I just got a new job. What will my new work environment be like?








It will be a cordial, positive environment


I’m seeing a friend today I haven’t seen for awhile. What can I expect on our visit?










Your friend may be bringing a gift (may be wise to bring one as well) and your relationships will progress.