Weekly Forecast 10.15.17 - Don't be an Ostrich

The cards are dosing us with a bit of tough love...

This week, I asked the cards: "what may my online community encounter this week?"

Photo Oct 15, 11 53 53 AM (1).jpg

The skinny:

This week, we are likely to be confronted with our financial situation in some way. Whether it's bill collectors calling (clouds + birds), discussing future plans for the family (birds + house), or wanting to improve or grow your family (house + garden, AKA watching too much HGTV), finances are bound to come up. 

The fish + clouds together suggest we perhaps haven't been very straightforward or clear when discussing finances in the past. We may have watered down some of the hard facts and candy coated our total debt or credit score.

If we can't see it, it isn't there, right? Don't we all wish. I know I can be like this guy sometimes....


But Emily, I'm totally this ostrich. I don't want to talk about money because...that sucks.

I know, I know. Talking about money is not fun. So, I pulled a Tarot advice card to see how we can navigate these conversations and what kind of approach we can take. 

Photo Oct 15, 11 55 33 AM.jpg

We got, the Three of Swords, reversed!

Bleck! Looks scary...but in the reversed position, this card offers some optimism.

If we accept our financial situation for what it truly is, we can begin to take steps toward improving our finances. If we are not seeing the full picture or putting rose colored glasses on, we can't move forward. 

This is also a card of forgiveness. Maybe we need to forgive our younger selves or others who contributed to our current state of affairs, "if only X hadn't come along and told me to take out this credit card," or "X told me they would pay me back and they didn't..." or "why did I eat out so much in college?!" Emotional healing is needed to repair our financial lives. Once we come to terms with past patterns, behaviors, and traumas we can develop healthier habits for ourselves and our finances.

So this week, when you face a conversation or situation regarding your finances instead of glossing over it, we can do the braver thing and just state and accept the facts. This may mean admitting things to our partners or family that don't make us proud. But, people that truly support us will love and accept us no matter what. It may be challenging at first, but ultimately can lead to honest conversations that can spark emotional and financial healing.

In short, don't be an ostrich. Be a badass, even if that means getting vulnerable.

Let's breakdown these card combinations for you Lenormand learners!

Fish + Clouds = Financial ambiguity, financial trouble.

Clouds + Birds = Muddled communication, annoying/troublesome communications (bill collectors, perhaps?), not being forthcoming. 

Birds + House = Conversations at home, about the state of the home. 

House + Garden = Home environment.