Weekly Forecast 10.22.17 - Seek your Refuge

This week, the sun is playing hide and seek with us.

From my new home in Olympia, the sun is shining one moment, then slips behind the heavy clouds and rains. Then pops back out to shine brightly for an hour, a minute, a second before the clouds tuck it away again. I make a cup a tea and pick a card. 

Our card of the week is the sun, reversed.

Photo Oct 22, 11 35 37 AM.jpg

Like the sun retreating behind the clouds, we my feel our optimism playing hide and seek from us. 

Our plans that shined bright last month, last week, yesterday, now seem murkier and covered by an intangible blanket that we do not have the strength to pull back. We may feel sluggish, or reluctant to proceed as scheduled. We may even question if we are able to accomplish what we have set out to do. 

However, the sun cannot remain hidden. It burns so hot we can see it from millions of miles away on our humble little planet. There's no way some puny clouds can cover it forever. 

Like our goals we have set out to accomplish, we may have experienced some type of setback or entered into a type of funk that made us question our ability to pull through and live the life we want.

If your plans burn so white hot with potential and energy, they like the sun, they also can not remain hidden. The clouds will part and you will again be able to visualize the potential of your plans and have the vitality to finish what you have started.

The sun illuminates our options, our opportunities, our strengths. Sometimes, it shines its bright, unforgiving light on things we would have preferred to stay hidden. When you're igniting your life and pushing your boundaries, this is bound to happen at some point.

The result? Sometimes we burn so hot, we need to take refuge behind the clouds and rest. 

So, if you are feeling down, a bit depressed, or lost this week...congratulations. You are a creator, a life liver, a boundary pusher. 

Celebrate that as you make your way through a Netflix show, drink some wine, and eat some chocolate.

You're going to need that R and R when the sun comes out again, very soon, and your path ahead and to-do list are once again, illuminated. 

This is a good time to reflect, take inventory of what you have accomplished, and perhaps do some soul work like journaling, going for a walk in the woods, or getting a reading.

Play that lazy game of hide and seek. Cover yourself in comfort and rest; the sun will find you when it's ready. It's always there, after all.