July Monthly Forecast 7.3 - Find your inner Miyagi

Our card this week is *drum roll.....* Dullness!

Dullness? That sounds terrible...why would I want to be dull?

Our card is the 7 of Crystals (Swords), Dullness.

Voyager Deck by James Wanless

Voyager Deck by James Wanless

So, why should I care about the 7 of Crystals? Because this the mindset of the major Arcana Card, the Chariot. You know, those guys from Gladiator times that are heading into battle. They can't get distracted by the melee around them - they have to stay focused to keep their horses on target and make it to their destination. I'm not really about this metaphor, so I like to picture Mr. Miyagi from the Karate Kid. He teaches "boring" or zen practices to keep your mind sharp. This is what the 7 of Crystals asks you to do. To find the stillness needed to accomplish your goals.

This is also the month to focus on your mental foundation. What philosophies and belief systems shape your view? If we have a strong and down to earth foundation, we're able to live our lives more wholeheartedly knowing that we can take risks and always take refuge in our philosophical homes.

This is the time to really evaluate what you believe and curate quiet in your mind so you can recharge.

But...I don't know how to find stillness. My mind has the attention span of a goldfish.

That's okay - this is the month to practice and strengthen your stillness. You can learn through practices like meditation, where a thought arises, you acknowledge, it and just let it pass on by. When a strong emotion arises in us in our daily lives (like when someone talks about a politician we don't like) you can recognize your thoughts and emotions, see what it is, and let it pass by just like in meditation practice. Later, you can evaluate why you felt that way but it can be helpful to live our lives with this stillness at our fingertips so we can have solace within ourselves and have a more peaceful demeanor.

In other words, wax on, wax off like Mr. Miyagi. It looks dull, but practices like these strengthen our mind so we have the focus to kick ass later.