Weekly Draw 7.8 - Make the Cut!

Let's switch it up.

I'm just coming back from vacation and reluctantly working on getting back on track with my normal routine.When I pull our card(s) of the week, I typically ask "what do we (my online community) need to focus on this week?" This week, I felt a different vibe. I asked "what do we need to DO this week." The cards responded with....the dreaded scythe. 

Titania's Fortune Cards

Titania's Fortune Cards

Oh no the scythe! But...is it really all that bad?

I can't lie - I almost always despise seeing this card in my readings! I mean, just look at it. It bends negative but can also be a very constructive or neutral card depending on the context. Usually, it means something will be cut off abruptly. It can also warn of an accident, destruction, or a sharp break depending on the surrounding cards. Sounds pleasant right?

However, I didn't pull surrounding cards. Remember, with fortune telling/tarot, the cards respond to the question. The question we asked is "What should we DO this week?"

The Scythe is telling us that the time is NOW to rid things from your life that are no longer serving you. Now is the time to make a decision, to let go of what is not working in our lives, to take an educated risk. 

The scythe is NOT asking to you to ruminate and wade in your doubts - this is asking you to decisively, precisely as surgeon, carve out the things that stand in your way of being authentically you. 

In our July Monthly Forecast, we were urged to build up that sturdy philosophical base in our minds so we can live in integrity,  go out and take risks, then come home to our calm refuge so we can reboot and recharge. 

One of the first steps to creating that stability is to declutter and clean so you can make space for the things that truly matter. How can you have stillness when there is too much noise?Almost every self help guru I have ever listened to have this as one of their first steps. It's not a universal idea for no reason! 

Time to declutter and cleanse.

Look around you right now. Is there junk that doesn't need to be there? On my desk, I have an e reader I haven't used in 2 years, a pile of things that need to be shredded, and a million pens swimming in piles of sticky notes with random phone numbers attached. If your space looks like mine....it may be time to declutter your car, your home, whatever you interact with daily. If you haven't used an object it in awhile....just get rid of it! The scythe says, do it now.

You may also need to declutter your emotional and spiritual sphere. Do you have an unresolved issue with a friend? Or feel like you're blocked somewhere? We carry around the weight of what is not resolved on us like extra weight. Now my be the time to resolve issues or perhaps exit relationships that aren't serving you. 

Now, don't go crazy cutting things willy nilly!

The scythe represents a sharp break - where it comes down can leave a wound. However, if you take care in how you cleanse your life and only cut the things that don't serve you, you likely lessen the severity. For instance, it can be hard to say goodbye to a friendship, but if  you are constantly giving and giving and never receiving, you may find the void that friend left is filled with something more fulfilling. 

We have a lot of things that DO serve us so let's preserve that.

What if I don't know what to cut?

Activity time. 

Think of your attachments. What are all the pieces in your life you are tied to? Family, friends, bills, habits (good or bad). You may even wish to write out a little diagram with you and all the pieces in your life connected to you. What on this brings you joy and what on this list doesn't? Circle the things that don't bring you joy. Can you get rid of these things? Obviously we can't make bills disappear, but maybe we can minimize relationships that aren't serving us. 

If you think you may need to make a cut to your habits, this next part is for you. You can also make a list of all the things you did yesterday or the last two days. Don't forget to include "binge watched Orange is the New Black for 6 hours." Include everything so you can see where your time is going! It's very telling and frightening! I did it recently and saw how much time I wasted playing dumb phone games. Circle the things that are not necessary in your life or bring you joy. Can you cut these things? Or at least, make the first steps towards cutting them?

Although the Scythe asks us to cut everything now, that may not be realistic. You can always take baby steps. For instance, maybe you eat too much pizza and you know you should cut it out of your diet. But that's really hard if you LOVE pizza. So instead, cut your pizza intake by one slice a week or only get pizza on Tuesdays instead of everyday. Although you didn't cut it out completely, you're working on it! Props to you pizza lover. Progress....not perfection.

So go forth, declutter, and be fabulous.

Cut! That's a wrap.