Weekly Forecast 9.10.17 - Take Care of You to Take Care of Business

Pop quiz...when was the last time you actually checked in with your self?

My guess is it was awhile ago...I know I was certainly feeling out of touch with how I actually felt this week.

Last week, I had a family member in the hospital (they are okay now!) and I was driving to check on them frequently (an hour and a half drive each way). I would come home feeling exhausted and if anyone asked me to do something for them, they would get a limb bitten off.

Even after I got the good news my family member is okay, the tired and cranky feeling didn't go away. Why? All is well again...why don't I have the energy to work on things?

It wasn't until I drew our card of the week this week to realize I hadn't checked in with myself...I mean REALLY checked in. I was snapping at people and getting cranky because I didn't feel great! All the driving to and from the hospital in a different city and handling daily life left a giant kink in my back and mental noise that didn't want to quiet. No wonder I'm feeling snippy!

If you remember, our September Monthly Forecast let us know that this month is a time to embark on a creative/passion project. How am I supposed to do that when I so don't feel in the groove?

We totally have a helper card with the Three of Worlds - Nurturing. 

I know..I didn't make a thumbnail...funky look.

Here's a close up of our card, from the Voyager Deck by James Wanless. 

Photo Sep 09, 1 41 14 PM.jpg

The number 3 correlates to the Empress in the Tarot. She is a mother who knows how to take care of the Earth, others, and most importantly, herself.

So take a few deep breaths....check in. 

What is feeling like it needs some attention?

What can you do to care lovingly for this part of yourself?

For me, always my upper back....perhaps a massage or a yoga class is in order?

Almost everyday my cat and I are outside doing yoga together. It usually looks something like this...

Her name is Mookie in case you were wondering...

Her name is Mookie in case you were wondering...

Doing yoga and spending time with her soothes my soul and my body. I missed many days last week so it was time to hit the mat again today. 

It's amazing how an hour of self care can easily turn into MANY hours of productivity. You are worth the time investment. I know it may seem like an impossible ask as we all have SO many priorities...but how about something small like sitting down and drinking your coffee in peace for five minutes in the morning instead of taking it to go? Or getting a manicure. Or taking a walk. It can be as big or as small as you can fit. 

Once you feel good, you open the channels for your creative flow. It's much easier to work when you're nourished and happy. We've all been sleep deprived at one time or another...it's much more painful to churn out work when we're depleted. Why go through that struggle if you don't have to? I know we all have different limitations but this week is about doing what you can with what you have to take care of yourself. 

What would you like to do for yourself this week? Let me know in the comments.