September Monthly Forecast - What's your Superpower?

We're pumping the breaks on summer and pumpkining into fall...

It's still hot as heck here in the Northwest but I can already smell the pumpkin in the air! I'm pretty basic when it comes to fall and it can't come fast enough....

Every week, I stand by my decks to see what kind of energy is calling most to me and my community...real talk advice felt needed this week so I grabbed my handy Lenormand deck. It would tell us what is coming our way and how we can best prepare for the fall.

Is anyone else having a barbecue, hangout with everyone possible, exhausted as all get out, hangover? 

I am not a summer person. I know this puts me in the VAST minority of people but I don't think I'm alone in feeling the summer burnout. We've been so extroverted, we have perhaps been neglecting what we TRULY want to do, not what we THINK we should want to do. 

The cards are asking us to draw inwards, chill out, and tune in. 

Here's a closeup of our cards:

Photo Aug 30, 5 05 01 PM.jpg

The skinny...

This month is about relaxing a bit and tuning into our creativity and power. In September, we can begin to resume our craft/art and find a way to make it more of an integral part of our day to day, like a side hustle or taking on a project with a goal completion date.

For you Lenormand Learners....

Let's break down these cards....

House+Woman = Homebody, staying home, comfort zone

Woman + Star = Creative, psychic, dreamer, creative woman

Star + Tower = Lofty goals, enterprise

Tower + Moon = Creative endeavors, building something, accessing old powers

We all have something we're good at or we love to do...

So ask yourself, am I doing what I love? I know it's hard to practice your instrument, work on your art, run, get your yoga certification, or make new recipes when you're working full time and have a million other family/life commitments. lame is it if we don't do what we love and what we're innately built for? 

I truly believe we all have a superpower...

Our Superpower is when our talents, skills, and passion collides. We are unstoppable when we use this in the world. We all have the ability to harness this and turn it into our work for the soul and for money too! With the Tower next to the Star and the Moon, we have old some old power to access...if you believe in past lives, maybe it's something you did then that you can bring into this life.

But Emily....I don't have a superpower.

You do...I promise! I didn't think I did took me over 25 years to really iron out and everyday is an evolution! I help people remember their true nature (talents, gifts, passions) through divination readings and my writing to help people live their most abundant life. 

Check out my post Find your Soul Purpose in 5 Steps. I talk all about how to uncover your purpose.

But Emily, I don't have time to work on my actual life's work...

You don't have to devote 5 hours a day to something to see progress...what about just a half an hour or an hour of focused work a day on something that nourishes your soul and helps your become better at your craft?As you become more and more expert, you will build more confidence and that confidence walks into all parts of your life, helping you arrive your best to any given situation.

But Emily....people in my life need me and I don't have time to become the rhythmic gymnast I've always wanted to be...

Okay - so I get that you don't have infinite time or resources....but what if you did SOMETHING for you that feeds your soul? So maybe your 50 and becoming a professional rhytmic gymnast is off the table. But, your Super Power doesn't have to be something crazy! What if your Superpower is having a fabulous sense of rhythm? How about just taking a dance class every Tuesday to get your toes wet again? What if you take Zumba classes and decide to become an instructor? It's funny how our dreams and goals can morph to our reality and make something even better and make you some extra dough.

And when YOU are happier, everyone you interact with will be happier. YourSgood juju rubs off on people and you make the world a happier place.

Sound good? What are you waiting for? Go practice your superpower! But...not before you tell me what yours is?! I want to know! Let me know in the comments below.