The Woman - Lenormand Card Meanings and Combinations

29. The Woman

“A Woman should be like a single flower, not a whole bouquet.” - Anna Held

Titania's Fortune Cards

Titania's Fortune Cards


  • A Woman

  • The Querent (if the querent identifies as a woman)

The Woman Card Meaning

As a totally neutral card, the meaning of the Woman is influenced completely by surrounding cards. If the querent identifies as female, it is typically representative of her or an important woman in the querent's life. This card, along with the Man card depends on context to entirely construct the meaning of the spread they appear in.

This is a VERY charge friendly card. Meaning, I recommend assigning a meaning to the Woman card prior to pulling any cards. So when the Woman card surfaces, you know it represents the querent or a particular woman in the querent's life. 


The Woman Card Combinations

Did the Woman show up in your reading? Check out the card combinations below. Please note, there are almost infinite meanings for Lenormand combinations. These combinations below are interpretations I have discovered over the years. The context can change EVERYTHING so use these meanings as prompts for your intuition to sing with the context of your question. I can't stress enough how important context is!



  • Rider (1) = A woman arriving, something delivered to a woman

  • Clover (2) = A lucky woman, an attractive woman, a charming woman, a gambling woman

  • Ship (3) = A woman traveling/moving, a woman from far away

  • House (4) = A homebody, a housewife, a woman of the house

  • Tree (5) = The health of a woman, a woman in the medical field, a spiritual woman (shaman or spiritual leader), a woman rooted in her family

  • Clouds (6) = An anxious woman, a woman who is confused, upset, or depressed

  • Snake (7) = A deceitful or dishonest woman

  • Coffin (8) = A resting or ill woman, a confined woman

  • Bouquet (9) = A beautiful woman, a generous woman, an attractive woman

  • Scythe (10) = A decisive woman, (look for other cards surrounding this if the woman is the querent - typically points to crucial issues the querent may encounter)

  • Whip (11) = An argumentative woman, a sexual woman, a woman who repeatedly surfaces

  • Birds (12) = A gossiping woman, a communicative woman,

  • Child (13) = A young woman, an immature woman, a woman and child

  • Fox (14) = A woman at work, concerning the querent's work, a manipulative/cunning woman

  • Bear (15) = A female boss, a strong woman, a woman with a strong personality, a female nutritionist, a mother in law, a middle manager

  • Stars (16) = A female performer/star, a dreamer

  • Stork (17) = Change for a woman, a woman brings about change, a slender woman

  • Dog (18) = A female friend, a friendly woman

  • Tower (19) = A woman at an institution/work, a woman alone, a tall woman, a single woman

  • Garden (20) = A social woman, a woman in the public eye, a woman out in the open

  • Mountain (21) = A woman is blocked/delayed

  • Crossroads (22) = A woman faces a choice, a woman has options

  • Mice (23) = A worried woman, an anxious woman, a stressed woman

  • Heart (24) = A loving woman, a woman's passions, the love of a woman

  • Ring (25) = A wife, a committed woman, a woman in a cycle

  • Book (26) = A woman with secrets, a mysterious woman, an educated woman, a writer

  • Letter (27) = News coming to a woman

  • Man (28) = A woman and a man

  • Lilies (30) = A wise woman, an aging woman, a patient woman, a retired woman

  • Sun (31) = An energetic woman, a visible woman, an optimistic woman, a successful woman

  • Moon (32) = A creative woman, a romantic woman, a dreamer, an emotional woman

  • Key (33) = A successful woman, a woman has the answer

  • Fish (34) = A woman with options, a woman with money, a wealthy woman

  • Anchor (35) = A secure woman, a rooted woman, a woman is stuck

  • Cross (36) = A burdened woman, a religious woman

Example Spreads with the Woman

Question: Can I trust this woman? (Woman charged as the woman in question)







Answer: Yes!

Question: What will my role be in this project? (The woman is a querent)









Answer: You will be the decision maker which will lead to a success.

Question: How is my wife feeling? (Querent is a man and the woman card is charged as his wife)







Answer: She is feeling stressed, doubtful, anxious, and perhaps depressed