April Monthly Forecast - The Power of Chill

Spoiler Alert

Have you read the Alchemist by Paulo Coehlo? If it's on your to read shelf, you may want to skip this forecast. There are some epic spoilers below but...so worth it.

Far and Wide

The main character of the Alchemist, Santiago, travels the world in search of fulfilling his personal legend (life purpose) of finding treasure at the foot of the Egyptian pyramids. He travels and travels following the trail breadcrumbs the world leaves for him for his next step. Although he goes to beautiful cities and meets the wise Alchemist himself, he also faces storms, bandits, and rival tribes to test his courage and wits.

When he is finally at the end of his journey, digging and digging for the treasure he sought, it is revealed to him in his dreams that the treasure he seeks is back home, buried under the church he had slept in night after night before he ever embarked on this journey.

Say what?!

I know...I cringed hard when I read this. The treasure was literally under him the entire time! He didn't need to go off on this crazy journey to get this treasure!

Or did he?

In a sense we are all like Santiago. We crave the adventure, the hustle and go OUT into the world seeking answers. We expect to find the answer with a new job, in a new city, with a new partner.

But...the answer doesn't live outside of us, it lives INSIDE us, under our nose the whole time.

We just have to learn how to access it.

We need that exploration to excavate our true and perfect selves. We need to move to that new city or take that new job - we need to follow the breadcrumbs.

With each breadcrumb, we face a new and challenging situation. The experiences we have out in the world cultivate the tools that we use to dig a little deeper and see what we're made of - only then do we begin to reveal the shiny part of our souls that cannot be dampened. It's this shine that illuminates our true selves and what we truly need to do to fulfill our own personal legend/purpose.

Rana George Lenormand - US Games

Rana George Lenormand - US Games

Here's a breakdown for you Lenormand Learners:

Lilies = Patience, a long time

Key = The answer

Bed = Comfort zone, relaxing, pampering

Lilies + Key shows that what you desire may take awhile to reveal itself.

Key + Bed shows that relaxing and self care are the key. Also, the answer is right in your own comfort zone. 

This month, our trail of breadcrumbs leads us to a cozy nook


It can be tempting to race around and look for the next trail. However, the cards are asking us to take a moment, slow down, and process the journey we just took. What have you learned from the past few months?

Take the time to journal, nestle, breath, sleep. Let yourself seep like a rare tea. There is a treasure to be gleaned from your recent experiences but you have to take the time to soak in your experience and let the truths you gathered surface in their own time.

You may find unexpected emotions rise to the top and find yourself crumpled into a ball, or laughing hysterically, or feel anger rise. Ride the wave of the emotion until it breaks. 

If you can, resist the hustle of something new this month. As we begin to glide into summer, there will be PLENTY of go go energy and you will need this reflection time. So just relax....there's power in the calm. 

You've already done the exploring, now it's time to put your new found tools to use and excavate. After all, your treasure is already waiting for you, right under your nose.