The Stars - Lenormand Card Meanings and Combinations

16. The Stars

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  • Future

  • Spreading

  • Goals

  • Hope

  • The Internet

The Stars Card Meaning

Most decks show a twinkling night sky, lighting up the darkness. The single star in this deck represents a goal, a wish, your future.

Like a vast constellation, the stars can also represent spreading, a map, or the internet. 

This is a very versitile card in which contexts matters a lot.  


The Stars Card Combinations

Did the Stars show up in your reading? Check out the card combinations below. Please note, there are almost infinite meanings for Lenormand combinations. These combinations below are interpretations I have discovered over the years. The context can change EVERYTHING so use these meanings as prompts for your intuition to sing with the context of your question. I can't stress enough how important context is!


  • Rider (1) = Spreading news, achieving goal, a dreamy person, an athlete

  • Clover (2) = Ultra lucky, wishes coming true

  • Ship (3) = Moving forward with goals/dreams, creating a plan forward, dream vacation

  • House (4) = Dream house, planning future with family

  • Tree (5) = A health matter spreading, healing, spiritual healing

  • Clouds (6) = Unease about future, muddled goals

  • Snake (7) = Problems in achieving goals, false hope

  • Coffin (8) = Slowing down/stopping goals, giving up

  • Bouquet (9) = Very positive, a celebrity, gaining popularity

  • Scythe (10) = Quick, decisive action toward goals

  • Whip (11) = A nagging issue with a plan, practicing to achieve a goal

  • Birds (12) = Discussing the future/goals, spreading communication, email/social network communication, broadcasting

  • Child (13) = New hope, new goals, a child star

  • Fox (14) = Be smart about future plans, a promotion

  • Bear (15) = Financial planning/goals, nutrition goals/planning

  • Stork (17) = A positive shift in focus, embarking on goals

  • Dog (18) = Trust in your vision, a friend helping with goals

  • Tower (19) = Plans of a large corporation/institution, achieving goals alone

  • Garden (20) = A vast social network, a popular social network

  • Mountain (21) = Goals are blocked, hope is blocked

  • Crossroads (22) = Decisions about the future

  • Mice (23) = Anxious about the future, problem with a plan

  • Heart (24) = Dreaming of love, a crush

  • Ring (25) = A contract, planning future of a relationship

  • Book (26) = Learning about the future, research to be done for planning, unknown future

  • Letter (27) = Invitation related to goal, news related to future, email, social networks

  • Man (28) = An influential man, future of a man

  • Woman (29) = An influential woman, future of a woman

  • Lilies (30) = Taking a long time to achieve goals

  • Sun (31) = Dreams come true, achieving goals

  • Moon (32) = Accolades, romantic date, creative ideas

  • Key (33) = Success in achieving goals

  • Fish (34) = Many options for future, money spread around

  • Anchor (35) = Future is secure, staying put

  • Cross (36) = Fated future, a difficult future, spiritual/religious ideas

Example Spreads with the Stars

QUESTION: What should I focus on in my business?







ANSWER: Focus on email communication.

QUESTION: I just started a new project. How will it go over the next 3 months?









ANSWER: You are likely to reach a dead end with this project and start on a new idea/path. 

QUESTION: Am I likely to succeed in my plan?


ANSWER: It will be slow going and challenging, but yes you will ultimately succeed.