June/July Monthly Forecast - Do the Thing

I have a confession to make to you guys. I am SERIOUSLY messy.

Yup. I have never been a tidy person. The idea of cleaning makes me cringe. My brain always ninjas its way out of doing it. It just feels like we are WASTING so much time. Right? I mean, the bed is just going to be slept in, I’m just going to pull the clothes out of the drawer and wear them, the dishes are just ALWAYS there.

Also, there’s no deadline for cleaning, except…

When someone would come over, I would frantically run through the house trying to tidy up, a hopeless feat. Can you relate?

I would think “it’s okay the rest of my life is pretty organized.” Which is TRUE! My computer files are organized, I have a calendar that tells me when to do everything, I have a 5 year plan and an accountant.

BUT you would not be able to tell that by walking into my house.

My poor, naturally clean partner is always trying to get me into gear in the gentlest way. He seriously deserves the most patient man of the year award, thanks bae.

So, at 3am on the full moon, I started cleaning. Decluttering. Dusting.


Why though?

Because I had reached my limit. As I ran through my next morning, I realized I was TIRED of fishing in my clean laundry basket looking for the right dress or the right socks.

I was DONE with digging through my makeup drawer for the foundation that actually had product left in it!

I realized, the mental space that this occupied. It took up so much space in my mind (the Bear) and so much of my time (Lilies).

The wait and the weight of it were too much to bear (pun intended).

Rather than “waiting for the right moment” the cards are telling us to just DO THE THING.

Here’s a techy breakdown for you Lenormand Learners

Photo Jun 03, 4 57 00 PM.jpg


Lilies + Bear = Time taking up space. To me, this is letting the things that are uncomfortable, fester and wait for a long time. The time taken is too much to bear!

Bear + Scythe = Get rid of what is scary/uncomfortable

Scythe + Stork = The action sets you free

The Knight of Swords = telling us to just act and not logic ourselves out of anything. You’ve thought enough about it – it’s time to do it.

Stop what you’re doing.

Right now, think about WHAT is nagging in your brain? What’s that thing you NEED to do but have been putting off? I know you have a lot but which one is the loudest?

Chances are it’s something little, like you need to pay a bill, or take out the recycling, or finally make that dentist appointment.

Just do it. No Drama.

After finishing this post, just do the little thing. No drama.

After all, my shadow self LOVES drama.

All day, in the back of my mind, there’s this little, nagging voice that says “hey, answer that email!” and I always think, “ehh…I don’t want to do that now, I’ll do it later.”

Rinse, and repeat. I keep doing this mental boxing until I CAN’T put it off any longer without facing some type of consequence. Then I finally do the thing. Surprise! It only took 10 minutes. I spent WAY longer fretting all about it and creating a victim mentality in my mind.

I just think about the weight that this thing puts on our subconscious weighing us down and making us tired!

So, when this procrastination drama starts up this month, I return to this mantra. Just do it. No drama.

But, what if the thing you need to do is BIGGER than sending an email. What if you’re thinking about creating a website for your passion project, or learning to speak a language, or having a difficult conversation?

This is where the Knight of Swords rides in to save the day, telling you to take action and not worry so much!

If you have a bigger project pressing on your mind, then you have probably stressed about EVERY possible scenario of what could go wrong. What if you get hate mail about your site? Or you get heated in your difficult conversation?

Afterall, if you didn’t think about the consequences, you would have already done thing.

Despite the negative thoughts you may have had about starting your project, the seed of the idea is still within you, whispering to you all along, refusing to be snuffed.


This is how you know, you NEED to do the thing.

If you don’t, the thing you need to do will just keep whispering at you. And you will shrug it off. So what if it doesn’t work? I bet you, you have already pictured the worst case scenario. You have essentially already lived it if you have thought it.

But…still the thought won’t leave you. You think, maybe I haven’t thought through everything and there is some terrible scenario awaiting me if I act.

Do it now, worry about it later.

 As I’m learning from my cleaning and organizing spree, it’s easier to handle things when they have a place. So, let’s put our worry somewhere.

Since we’re so good at procrastinating, let’s procrastinate our worry.

 When a thought arises to worry about the outcome of that conversation we need to have, or what if our business fails?!

Think, I’ll worry about that later.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s okay to think things through but there’s a difference between thinking and stressing.

If you’re reading this blog, then it probably means that you are a person who is self-aware and likes to think things through before acting. So, I don’t think I need to harp on the idea of thinking things through. I’m sure you’ve done that to the Nth degree.

From this forecast, especially with the Knight of Swords of appearing, it is so clear that what is needed is to just DO THE THING. Big or small.    

 I would say take the leap of faith, but it’s not based on faith. It’s based on your gut, your soul telling you to take that step. If you don’t take the step, that whisper won’t go away.


Once you have taken that first step, big or small, or crossed that dreaded item off of your to-do list, you may as well be the Stork pictured on the card.

You are free my love.

That wash of accomplishment is enough to lift you just a few feet higher so you can get that boost to reach even higher for your next goal. Like starting a business.

So what’s that little thing you’ve been putting off?

What is your version of cleaning your closet?

When I ask the question “what little thing have you been putting off?” what is the LOUDEST thing that comes to mind?

Stop reading this post and go do it.


Yes, I mean right now.

But, if you want to procrastinate a bit more, go ahead and join my Lenormand Learner’s community, and get your free Lenormand cheat sheet. But that is really the last procrastination!

You’re still here?! Go do the thing!