3 Reasons why your Lenormand Readings aren't Clear (and the Fixes)

Raise your HaND…

if you’ve ever started a Lenormand reading, and as you flip over the cards, a sinking feeling hits the pit of your stomach…


You’ve put in some time studying Lenormand, so why don’t the cards in front of you make sense? You start brainstorming what the cards in front of you could possibly mean…but you feel stumped. Sound familiar?

It sounded familiar to many of the Lenormand Learners in my community. When I asked them what their biggest challenges were, I discovered quickly that ALL of the hang ups had one thing in common…duh duh duh duh!

They all had something to do with the SETUP of the reading.

Before any cards are dealt, it’s your job as the reader to set the scene. If you don’t set up your reading properly, it’s like shooting a movie with the wrong costumes, props, or scenery. The movie still happens but it can be a confusing trip for all involved. So how do you set up your readings for success?

Good news! I got you covered. To have your readings flow effortlessly, all you need is a little prep.

We’re going to explore the real talk challenges my Lenormand Learner’s community sent my way, see what the real culprit of the problem is, and how to fix it.

Reason #1 You’re not Creating Sacred Space      


The Challenge

I get nervous! I find it hard to tune into my intuition right away and my knowledge of the cards is checked at the door when I start reading for other people.

It’s important that you feel centered before any cards are pulled. If you’re feeling rushed, or flustered your reading will feel the same. This is a result of not feeling grounded in the space you are in.

The Fix

Develop a card reading ritual. It doesn’t have to be fancy. It can be as simple or as extravagant as you would like.

For my ritual, I hold my cards in the palm of my hand with the other hand on top. I then send intention into the cards that I would like information that is in my client’s best and highest good and I’m only looking for information that will help the querent. I’ve said these words so many times before, so it triggers a sense of calm so I’m ready to read. Nervous energy can’t live inside a ritual.

There are many ways to create this sacred space. I see some folks that burn sage, have a clearing spray that helps them focus, shuffle their cards in a certain way, or all of the above and more! There is no final rule on this so create a ritual that works for you!

Reason #2 Your Ego is Driving the Car


The Challenge

I have a hard time seeing what the cards are actually telling me and I’m afraid I’m only seeing what I want to see. 

I totally get it. Often times, you are asking serious questions and you want there to be a positive outcome for yourself or your client. We WANT to deliver good news….because it feels good! It doesn’t feel good in the moment to underline a difficulty in someone’s life.

BUT, it is so necessary. Think of your life as a car and reading Lenormand as the headlights, illuminating the path ahead. If you’re reading for yourself and you see that there is a hardcore traffic jam down the road, it does you NO GOOD to say, ah smooth sailing I’ll get to my destination in no time. Although it feels good to say this in the moment, you’re going to hit that traffic jam one way or another so you may as well be prepared! You can begin to strategize how you want to move around it, experiment with different solutions and alternate routes.  

If you’re letting your ego drive, it will try to obscure your vision and slip some rose colored glasses on you. If you let intuition drive, it will show you what is ahead clearly. 

The Fix

If reading for yourself, ask questions in the 3rd person. I know it seems weird, but it helps untether your emotions from the reading so you can clearly see what is ahead. It tricks your ego into thinking you’re reading about someone else so you can get the straight up truth.

If reading for someone else, think of yourself as a channel or conduit for the information and not as YOU (your name). Although you are always you, it is possible to be lighter, a vessel for the information that needs to come through.  Your job is just to shine a light on what is ahead for the querent and any relevant advice that comes through the cards. Of course your personality can flourish the interpretations and make it come alive, but make sure to get a raw read first, then your personality/ego can refine the message so it becomes more clear to your client.

Reason #3 You’re not Asking the Right Question

Rana George Lenormand

Rana George Lenormand

The Challenge

My readings just don’t seem to make sense. I pull cards and I can’t figure out what they’re relating to…some cards can mean many different things. How do I know what each card means?

I feel ya on this one. One example is the Bear card. It can mean: finances, mother in-law, your boss, nutrition, strength, and more! How do you know what it means when it comes up? You need to set the stage right by laying down your context.

Asking the wrong question is the main cause of muddled readings. In Lenormand, context is EVERYTHING. The cards respond directly to the question you are asking. Asking the wrong question is like trying to act out Romeo and Juliet while you’re on the set of Alien vs. Predator. It doesn’t make a lot of sense (side note… I might watch that movie if someone was to make it …but for our metaphor sake…very unhelpful).

The Fix

Because asking the right questions is THE main remedy to crystal clear readings I’ve created a totally free guide to help you formulate the perfect question. The ask Clear Questions, get Clear Answers Guide includes 4 simple steps to creating the perfect and a case study so you can see examples of unclear questions transformed into clear questions.

In the Lenormand Learner’s community? Don’t worry - this guide is already in your inbox.

Cheers to crystal clear readings!