October Forecast - Are you still living in the cupboard under the stairs?

Life’s a movie, here’s your script


When you think of everything you do in your life, you put on many hats and fulfill many roles AKA you do a whole heck of a lot.

A role, according to the dictionary, is the function or part we assume. In this day and age, we fulfill so many roles…you can be a mother, a brain scientist, a wife or girlfriend, a fur baby parent, and so much more.

Each role requires responsibility on our part, and has certain standards of how to fulfill that role, certain ways we are expected to act. We are, to an extent, actors in our lives.

At birth, we are given a set of circumstances that we have no control over, our family structure, our socioeconomic status, the color of our skin, our perceived gender, and more. These circumstances can be like a script, dictating where we are expected to go, do, say, and more. Society determines what is acceptable for someone in our role to fulfill whether we like it or not.

If great care is not taken, we slip into the roles other people have created for us. A script is handed to us as we become adults as well and we become a supporting role in someone else’s movie. Most of our lives feel scripted as we go to work, come home, take care of family, etc. There are parameters that we are expected to stay within to keep the scenes of our lives moving smoothly. Sure, we can improvise, add our own personalities and flair, but ultimately there is this undercurrent of pressure to keep everything running smoothly. Almost a blueprint in our lives where we can almost totally predict one day to the next.

 BUT…what if this script, this blueprint feels confining? What if we feel something within us that wants something different…something more?

Congratulations! That means, your character has evolved. Let me show you what I mean.

But first, let’s take a look at our cards for the month for our Lenormand Learners:

Photo Oct 01, 11 59 45 AM.jpg


Woman + Coffin + Letter + Mountain + Stars


High Priestess, Reversed

Card Breakdown

Woman + Coffin = Transformation, transitions

Letter + Mountain = Script is blocking future

Mountain + Stars = Hope/future beyond blockage, expansion

High Priestess Reversed = Not tuning into your gut, ignoring your true self

Summary: We have transformed and now our script (circumstances) no longer fit our new, evolved character. It’s time to pause, and tune in to our true selves to and ask what is no longer fitting in my life? Where do I feel stuck or supressed? It’s time to pencil into the margins of your script so your circumstances can begin to evolve with you.

Are you still living in the cupboard under the stairs?

Y’all know I understand life through Harry Potter.

Do you remember where Harry Potter began his journey? He was living in the cupboard under the stairs of the Dursley’s on private drive. He didn’t know what he was capable of. He had some idea that he had some power, like the snake incident with Dudley, but he didn’t fully understand his abilities.

The Dursley’s had written him a script that he felt powerless to change. It had a dash of bullying, a side of loathing, and a main course of a sad life.

BUT…of course Harry didn’t live out this script. We all know the story. He went on to evolve, and evolve year after year until he, with A LOT of help from Ron and Hermione (well mostly Hermione), became a very brave and clever Wizard indeed. He had TRULY outgrown the Dursleys. In other words, he flipped the script.

Can you imagine Dudley trying to bully Harry in year 6 or 7 at Hogwarts?

No way José. 

He had recognized his own power, and outgrown his previous life. In terms of power, he now towered above the Dursleys…it’s not even possible to keep him in the cupboard under the stairs any longer. So I ask you the question:

Are you still living in the cupboard under the stairs?

Your version of this cupboard could be your current job, a toxic relationship, or any situation that feels like you have outgrown it. There are only so many times you can hit your head at the top of the closet before you finally realize, wow I can’t be here anymore.

You may need to let a friend go after they let you down for the umpteenth time. You may feel you have been disrespected by your boss one too many times and it is time to look for something else. Whatever it may be, quit bumpin your head!

Now, I don’t mean to be so dramatic. For some, their version of a closet is luxe apartment that they have outgrown and now they’re ready for a bonafide family home. You may not be suffering where you are.

BUT…no matter the setting of your script, it’s important to recognize the transformations you’ve made. You are magic, vibrating, and constantly changing. You need to have room to stretch and be who you are.

Time to mark up your script


Okay, no shame if you feel your circumstances confine you like that cupboard. You don’t need to trash your current circumstances and walk out like Gene Simmons of KISS trashes a hotel room. You don’t need to blow up your life like that to see improvement in your circumstances.

But here’s the thing:

You’re always going to be a character in someone else’s movie until you decide to write and direct your own.

Even if your script shoves you in the cupboard under the stairs but you’re not quite at the Harry defeating Voldemart level, but perhaps you’re feeling like Harry book 2 and you’re ready to take on the basilisk. This is when he started acknowledging his potential, seeing some growth. Harry started venturing out more, testing his boundaries, realizing that he had some agency to live his own life, outside of the cupboard and Private Drive.

Eventually, he did blow off the Dursley’s all together. But it took TIME, courage, encouragement.  

He started penciling outside the lines of his script a little. The Dursley’s recognized this and put him in an upstairs bedroom.

When you begin to recognize your power and exercise boundaries, others will respect you more and your circumstances tend to improve on their own.

If you’re thinking…come’on Emily. I’m not Harry Potter! I’m not some special Wizard. Plus…he was told he was special by a giant bearing a smooshed cake.

Let me solve that problem for you.

I’ll be your Hagrid.

You’re magic my love. You NEED to believe that you are magic and have the power to share what you love to do with the world. We need your shine.

That starts with you expanding yourself, taking up more space. It takes drawing a line through the things in your script that no longer serve you. Penciling in new lines, character attributes, crossing out characters that tear you down, writing more lines for people who build you up.

I’m handing you a smooshed cake and saying, you’re a wizard. It’s time to learn how to use your magic in the world.

But to do that, you must defy your script and take some steps out from the closet under the stairs.