Give your Intuition an Oxygen Mask

You heard me right. 


I believe we all have this gorgeously dark, shadowy, glittering intuition. It does so much work for us on the daily, grabbing and storing all the minutiae of our lives deep within us.  It parks all this knowledge in our subconscious, where it burrows down, like a squirrel preparing his cache for winter.

Our minds are mines of these intuition diamonds.

These knowledge gems hibernate within us, until we are faced with an experience that requires our intuition. As Mary Greer says, intuition is knowing something without knowing why we know it. We are aware when these diamonds have been excavated because we have this knowing hit to our gut and cannot explain where this feeling came from.

Our intuition is constantly gathering little gems of observation and storing it deep down. For instance, when talking to a stranger, you may know they are newly in love. Maybe it’s their subtle glow, the shimmer in their eye, the over exaggerated hand movements. All of these nuances were picked up by your subconscious long ago and unearthed at the right moment, so you could clearly see the love emanating from her round cheeks, her shimmering eyes.

Since we live in a chaotic world, we are in many environments throughout the day. Meaning, our intuition is constantly in overdrive. It picks up minutia, at the store, at school, at work. It’s constantly burrowing and excavating these intuition diamonds, busy, busy, busy. Especially around the holidays, we have even more responsibilities than we do the rest of the year. It is just that many more things for our intuition to comb through and store.

Here’s my hypothesis: we need to give our intuition a place to breathe. A place where it doesn’t feel the need to constantly search and dig down deep. We need to give it a still place, where there is less stimuli. Put the oxygen mask on your intuition so it can rejuvenate, and serve you when you need it most.

But…we are so busy! Where the heck can we have a place to breathe?

A suggestion. Your home.


Looking around my home right now, my mind needs to process so much. Right now, my mind is processing items in front of me: plate, pen, paperwork, watch, phone, plant leaves, old broken printer that doesn’t work.  It just keeps going and going because what is supposed to be my refuge has too much crud, too much to process.

What if, we just got rid of half of that stuff. That means, your intuition is freed up, to perhaps plant and mine for deeper diamonds. Gems that have long been forgotten that can turn up at the right moment.

Or, if you wish to use your intuition for readings or other forms of divination, it could be well rested, and willing to kick into overdrive when it is most desirable, when you have a querent in front of you.  

If you’re thinking, Emily, my house is a hot mess, I’m allergic to getting rid of junk, and there is NO way I’m gonna clean things right now.

I get ya darlin. I am one messy witch. If you’re not Mr. Clean, there is something else you can do.


Close your eyes for me after you’ve read this. And just be. Let your intuition finish what it’s burying, and let it polish that gem its working on. Just be a person in the world that possesses this magical mechanism. Breathe in for it. Exhale for it.

I hope you’ll find your readings clearer, your mind sharper, and most importantly, you’ll see those deep intuitive diamonds manifest, right in front of your glittering, magic eyes.


Emily Rose