The Fox - Lenormand Card Meaning and Combinations

14. The Fox

"All living things contain a measure of madness that moves them in strange, sometimes inexplicable ways. This madness can be saving; it is part and parcel of the ability to adapt. Without it, no species would survive.” - Yann Martel, Life of Pi

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  • Strategy

  • Work

  • Cunning

  • Adaptation

  • Trickery

The Fox Card Meaning

The Fox can simply represent work if you charge it (assign a specific meaning).

When the Fox is not charged, in its original form, I believe it is the most misunderstood card in Lenormand. We can become wary and uncomfortable around the fox because he is seemingly unpredictable and we don’t know what his next move is. This causes us to be cautious and move with great care.

But, rather than being REACTIVE the Fox is asking us to be PROACTIVE and strategize. He calls us to look at a situation as it is and ask ourselves, “what is the most efficient way to my goal?”

The Fox is looking out for himself, but is not trying to be malicious - rather, he is trying to survive and will strategize to do this in the most efficient way possible.

He is the embodiment of smarter, not harder so this makes him the perfect candidate to be charged as work. You can charge the Fox as your shuffling to simply represent work, but remember, he loses all other meaning when he is charged.

If the Fox appeared in your reading, look to the surrounding cards to see where you can implement more strategy, or adapt to a new situation. After all, as the world changes at an increasingly rapid pace each day, adaptation is the new intelligence.

The Fox Card Combinations

Did the Fox card show up in your reading? Check out the card combinations below. Please note, there are almost infinite meanings for Lenormand combinations. These combinations below are interpretations I have discovered over the years. The context can change EVERYTHING so use these meanings as prompts for your intuition to sing with the context of your question. I can't stress enough how important context is!


Please note, in the combos below the Fox is NOT charged as work and is in its original form

  • Rider (1) = An unforeseen visitor, a visitor with an agenda

  • Clover (2) = A lucky plan/strategy

  • Ship (3) = Moving on a plan/strategy

  • House (4) = Family has a plan, things to uncover at home

  • Tree (5) = Undiagnosed health condition, growth through strategy

  • Clouds (6) = A muddled/confusing plan, trickery causing depression/doubt

  • Snake (7) = A malicious plan/strategy, trickery, subterfuge

  • Coffin (8) = End of a strategy/plan

  • Bouquet (9) = Motive behind a gift

  • Scythe (10) = A strategy/plan cut off

  • Whip (11) = Implementing a plan, arguing/issues around a strategy

  • Birds (12) = Discussing a plan/strategy, the intention of a conversation

  • Child (13) = A new strategy/plan, a new motivation/intention

  • Fox (14) = Work causing negativity confusion, deception

  • Bear (15) = Financial plan, watch your money, smart diet

  • Stars (16) = Future plans/strategy, plans/strategy for the future, tech strategy

  • Stork (17) = Positive movement on a plan/strategy

  • Dog (18) = A friend’s plan/strategy, motivation/intention of a friend

  • Tower (19) = Legal/bureaucratic strategy/plan, trickery on behalf of a institution

  • Garden (20) = Trickey social scene, mistrust in friends/social circle

  • Mountain (21) = Plan/strategy is blocked

  • Crossroads (22) = Multiple decisions/plans, decision to make about plan/strategy

  • Mice (23) = Stress gnawing at strategy/plan, stress about change/adaptation

  • Heart (24) = Intention is love/plan for love

  • Ring (25) = A commitment to a plan/strategy

  • Book (26) = Hidden motives, uncover intention

  • Letter (27) = Writing/documenting plan, an invitation with an agenda

  • Man (28) = A man’s plan/strategy, a man’s intention

  • Woman (29) = A woman’s plan/strategy, a woman’s intention

  • Lilies (30) = Longterm plan/strategy, long held intention

  • Sun (31) = A positive plan/strategy, ability to adapt

  • Moon (32) = A plan based on a dream/goals

  • Key (33) = A successful plan/strategy

  • Fish (34) = Many plans, an abundant plan

  • Anchor (35) = Solidifying the plan/strategy

  • Cross (36) = Adaptation is burdensome, stealth becomes burden

Example Spreads with the Fox

QUESTION: What can I focus on to grow my business?







ANSWER: Strategic (Fox) email communication (Letter + Stars)

QUESTION: What does his dating life look like?







ANSWER: Your wife is concerned about her appearance which is dampening romance.

QUESTION: What is the lesson I’m being asked to learn in this situation?







ANSWER: Outsmart the cycle you’re in. Predict the cycle you’re in and learn how to outwit it.

Did the Fox appear in your reading? Share your spread in the comments!