The Mice - Lenormand Card Meanings and Combinations

23. Mice


  • Gnawing Away

  • Stress

  • Anxiety

  • Theft

  • Problems

The Mice Card Meaning

The mouse on this card is mischievous! Don't be fooled, this innocent looking mouse is a thief. Wherever the Mice shows up in your reading, pay attention to what may be taken or gnawed away at. This could be money, a house, a relationship, etc. We often don't notice until they have taken a large chunk! The Mice can signify loss, anxiety, and stress. Be vigilant when the robber mouse shows up. Catch him before he takes the whole shebang. 


The Mice Card Combinations

Did the Mice show up in your reading? Check out the card combinations below. Please note, there are almost infinite meanings for Lenormand combinations. These combinations below are interpretations I have discovered over the years. The context can change EVERYTHING so use these meanings as prompts for your intuition to sing with the context of your question. I can't stress enough how important context is!


  • Rider (1) = Worrying news arriving, anticipation/worry regarding a visitor

  • Clover (2) = Luck after loss, good thing(s) to lose, anticipation/excitement, positive change of attitude

  • Ship (3) = Hiccups in travel plans

  • House (4) = Problems with a house (perhaps pest issues), worry/anxiety present at home, a stressful homelife

  • Tree (5) = Slow decline of health, having anxiety, pay attention to health, small symptoms

  • Clouds (6) = Anxiety, depression, extreme stress

  • Snake (7) = Theft, problems with plumbing, digestive issues

  • Coffin (8) = Stress/anxiety ends

  • Bouquet (9) = Stressed about appearance, anticipation

  • Scythe (10) = Stressful decision, decision to end stress (this one especially depends on context)

  • Whip (11) = Arguing causes stress, physically aching/small pains

  • Birds (12) = Restlessness, stressful conversations, getting worked up

  • Child (13) = Small issues, new anxiety, nervous child

  • Fox (14) = Underpaid, worried about work/position, anxiety at work

  • Bear (15) = Loss of power, slow financial drain, mother causes anxiety, boss causes anxiety, incrementally losing weight (this one especially depends on context)

  • Stars (16) = Worrying about the future, issues with internet (anything that is transmitted through the air), concerned about life direction

  • Stork (17) = Anxious about a change, bumpy transition

  • Dog (18) = Stressful friendship, worried about a friend, an anxious friend

  • Tower (19) = Legal trouble, worried about being alone, trouble with foundation

  • Garden (20) = Stressful environment, be careful of theft at event, bumpy event

  • Mountain (21) = Stressful obstacle/barrier, anxiety/stress causes a blockage

  • Crossroads (22) = Stressful decision, worried about making wrong choice

  • Heart (24) = Heartsick, anxiety about love

  • Ring (25) = Cycle of worry, stressful relationship, anxious about commitment

  • Book (26) = Troubling secrets, anxious about tests/school

  • Letter (27) = Message lost, stressful news

  • Man (28) = An anxious/stressed man

  • Woman (29) = An anxious/stressed woman

  • Lilies (30) = Worried about aging, issues related to aging

  • Sun (31) = Success after stressful work, light at the end of the tunnel

  • Moon (32) = Emotional issues, stress surrounding creativity

  • Key (33) = Worried about succeeding (self sabotage), making a difficult situation work

  • Fish (34) = Financial drain, too many options

  • Anchor (35) = Anxious about being stuck in a rut, restlessness

  • Cross (36) = A stressful burden, serious depression, grief

Example Spreads with the Mice

Question: I just got offered a new job. What will the work environment be like if I accept?







Answer: The boss will dominate the work environment and they cause stress and anxiety.

How will my trip go?









Answer: It will be stressful at first with some hiccups regarding travel but you will be able to move past these issues and have a wonderful trip. 

Question: How will the inspection on the house go?







Answer: Not well. There are likely plumbing issues.

Did the Mice show up in your reading? Comment below and let me know your interpretations!