February Monthly Forecast - Strategy or Serendipity?

Oh February…it feels like you have been here for months since we started seeing the plush bears and chocolate hearts on the shelves the day after Christmas. Just seeing the fake roses makes me want to watch a  romantic comedy and witness love magically manifest from nothing but incidental bump ins and undeniable chemistry.

Although it can be easy to dream and hope that we will serendipitously meet the love of our life at the dry cleaners or are magically offered our dream job, this is not something we can bet on.

Let's be honest...

Contrary to what pop culture may tell us, many of us don't experience these moments when we want them and anxiety can start to creep in. Many of my clients say "why can't I just meet my person in line at the coffee shop?!"  

The hard truth is, order to have this amazing romantic love, or our dream job, or a fabulous family dynamic, we usually have to put in work…there is no way around it.

Although we may experience majestic serendipitous moments from time to time, more often than not serendipity is set in motion by our previous actions which can greatly impact the likelihood of a seemingly magical moment. 

This month, the Lenormand is asking us to stop waiting for things to magically happen and to take calculated action to pursue the things or people we love.

Here are our cards for the month of February:

Rana George Lenormand - US Games

Rana George Lenormand - US Games

Mice + Coffin + Fox + Heart

For you Lenormand Learners let’s do a quick breakdown.

Remember, when reading it’s important to remember the context of the question. I know I can sound like a broken record about this because context is one of the most crucial elements of reading accurately.

The question I asked is: what is an important message to keep in mind this month? This means we are looking for a specific message when deciphering the meaning in the cards

Mice + Coffin = Ending anxiety/stress

Fox + Heart = Being strategic and cunning for what we love

I have been getting a number of questions asking “how do I know what each card means in each context?”

For example, the Fox can mean work and in some contexts paired with the Heart the Fox can mean a manipulative love, duplicity etc.

The answer lies in the context of the question. Remember, we are looking for a particular message to carry forward this month. The beginning of this reading is very clear; we are asked to end our anxiety/stress (Mice + Coffin). It doesn't make sense that we would be asked to be duplicitous in our love life necessarily. It makes more sense that we are asked to be cunning and strategic in the pursuit of what we love rather than worrying and doing nothing.

What does this mean in real life?

The answer popped up for me right away as this theme has been emerging in my own life (career wise) and in client readings.

In a client reading this past week (I have her permission to share this story), I met with a single woman who was wanting to find her life partner…but she wanted to know WHY she hadn’t met this person yet. Why couldn’t she just meet them and start her life already? What is the problem?

The cards were very clear in telling her a similar message. Stop worrying and fretting about meeting the right person through happenstance and instead, take action to put your self in a situation where meeting this person will be more likely.

She had confessed that she hadn’t been spending much time out of the house and wasn’t on a dating website. She would date people from work but they weren’t her cup of tea.

What we realized throughout the reading is that the energies she is emitting and receiving are not compatible with meeting a partner and there needs to be strategic and energetic work done rooted in creating room for a partner in her life. 

This type of strategic and energetic work can also be utilized if you are in a long term relationship. Unlike our romcoms that stop before those Ikea fights and romantic lulls that come with years of partnership, we know there is still work to do! We can’t spend all our time worrying that the communication in the relationship is not the best or the division of labor is not equal…we can follow the advice of the Fox and be strategic about what change to make to see the best results and growth in a relationship. 

What action can you take to high vibe your love life?

You may be wondering, what can I do to get what I want in my love life?

Since this has been such a theme over the past few weeks in client readings that I decided to create a love reading for February and help you figure out WHAT specific changes you can make to get the result you want.

I know…you may be thinking, BLECK…I can’t deal with more love gunk in February! It’s already everywhere.

But…my love reading is a bit different. Rather than just telling you WHAT is going to happen in your love life (although we do that too) we are going to work specifically with HOW you can create the love life you want no matter your relationship status.

I have created a Sample Reading based on a real client reading (believe it or not this is a different client than the one listed above! Crazy how pervasive this theme is!) so you can check out what this reading is all about.

Check out the sample reading

This reading goes away February 28th so be sure to snag yours before they’re gone. Click the image below to learn more!