Behind the Curtain: What is a Grand Tableau reading?

So last week, I let you know I would show you inside my biannual reading I do to keep myself soulward bound. If you haven't read last week's post, you can check it out HERE or you can just read on! It will make sense even if you haven't read last week's post. 

By showing you my reading, I want you to see what you can GET out of a Grand Tableau (GT) reading. It’s like a life download where we can glaze over what you already have firm grasp of and dig into your burning questions. I love doing GT readings because I can see the aerial view my clients gain from reflecting on their past, seeing how it impacts their present, and getting a sneak peak of the future.

Going into this reading, I wanted to know what's coming up in the near future and what I should focus on presently. Also, I am open to whatever the cards want to share with me.

What is a Grand Tableau Reading?

A Grand Tableau is French for “The Big Picture” and is a type of spread for Lenormand cards that gives you insight into almost any aspect of your life. Don't know what Lenormand is? Check out this post. It’s the mother of all readings. You lay out ALL of the cards. That’s right…all 36 of the suckers. 

Lay of the Land

 I’m not going to get too specific as there are entire books written about how to read GTs but I wanted to give you a spark notes field guide so you can follow along.

  • You “charge” certain cards to represent aspects of your life. You then read the cards in the same column and row as directly related to that subject. So for instance, the child card can be representative of your child. The dog can be representative your best friend, etc. *It’s a little more complicated than this but let’s keep this short*

  • Each card falls in a “House.”  The houses never change so you memorize their positions (or you can look at a cheat sheet). The house a card falls in alters the meaning of the card. So for example, if you have the Fox (representative of work) fall into the house of the Ship, then there is some movement happening on the work front. 


Don’t worry. It takes YEARS to read a GT like a champ. You don’t have to follow along with the cards, you can just read my summary. There are WAY simpler Lenormand spreads to start out with.

A note about this Grand Tableau

I have found over the years that the GT readings I do for myself are a bit different from the readings I do for my clients. This may sound strange, but the cards tend to be harsher on me then on others. I think they have a tough love relationship with me since I’ve been reading them since I was 12. But when I read for my clients, the cards tend to be more upbeat. So if you would like me to read your GT, don’t think that your reading will be doom and gloom – it will probably be much more positive then what you will see below.

Also, I listed my takeaways from this reading. If you’re a Lenormand reader, you may be looking at the past portion of this reading and screaming away…don’t ignore this stuff! I agree, but for this post, I just wanted to share my main takeaways for brevity.

Let’s get to the cards I charged (they have a yellow border).

Titania's Fortune Cards

Titania's Fortune Cards

The Star = Emily Rose Divination

Although I’ve been reading professionally for awhile, I’ve only recently launched my business online. A few weeks ago, I decided not to go on to graduate school. This was a well thought out decision but it was a painful and difficult conclusion to come to. My over thinking deceived me as I kept thinking about I was supposed to do rather than what I wanted (Snake in the house of the Clouds). Also, I was misled several times throughout my graduate school process, which also contributes to why the snake is there. I know on a soul level, that I have made the right decision but it is still a process to accept and move forward. Since the Star is the very last card (in the house of the Cross) it’s affirming my decision to pursue my passion and said it will be tough, but it’s the right and most fulfilling path.

The Man = My Boyfriend

I don’t want to get too specific as he is not the querent here, but I think the cards relating to him are regarding our house hunt. There have been several offers not accepted (Mountain in the house of the letter) which have led to some stress. However, it seems he will find a place soon that he really enjoys and that is meant to be, although he may spend more than anticipated! Since he is in the house of the key, he is a dependable guy who will ultimately succeed at what he attempts.

The Woman = Me

Ugh….I don’t even want to talk about my card! The cards above the woman (me) here are not fun. You NEVER want to see the scythe above your head in real life or in a reading. If you’ve been following my May Monthly Forecast and Weekly Forecasts, you know this month is about confronting things we don’t necessarily want to deal with.

I’m having difficult conversations, especially about fitness, nutrition, and finances (bear represents all of these). Hard decisions need to be made soon about these things and I’ve been putting them off. Since this is my present, it’s all happening RIGHT NOW. This is causing a bit of stress but I’m learning how to settle into happiness (Anchor in the house of the Sun). My last year was pretty rough so I’m not too interested in delving back into that, but it seems I’m heading toward a stable happy period (Anchor in the house of the Sun). Whew!

Heart = Love

The Heart is in the house of the Moon which means…I’m in love. It’s also next to the Anchor so it’s based in a secure position.

The Future

The woman card/me is on the edge of this reading which means this is primarily a past reading. In most cases, the querent would be closer to the center and we have more future to work with.

The future looks pretty good here! This last row shows me I may get some help from a friend with the fitness and financial questions I have and this will ultimately lead me to an environment I love (Garden in the house of the Heart).

My Takeaways

  • After this reading, I feel even more assured that I made the right decision regarding graduate school and that I’m on the right path.

  • For the house hunt, I know to lookout for potential money pits. Perhaps try even harder to stay within budget but be a little flexible if it’s the right house.

  • I feel secure in my relationship and the reading affirmed this.

  • Lastly, I need to take more time for myself, for my fitness and financial goals. These are important and I have let them play second fiddle for too long. I’m on the lookout for a fit friend to help, or possibly looking into a personal trainer or nutritionist.

There is much much much more we could delve into but this post would be eight times as long! Want more GT info? Let me know! I’m happy to post how-to’s in the future. Comment below.

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