June Monthly Forecast

Whew....so glad May is almost over! Normally, I try to really experience each moment, even if it is difficult, but May was something special! If you've kept up with the May Monthly Forecast and some of the Weekly Forecasts, you've seen that May has been a month of detours, derailments, and difficult conversations. I'm happy to say that we are finally getting off the detour route and June will put us on a more positive track! Although...we still have some work to do. Life wouldn't be life without some work.

Old Faithful

My trusty Titania's Fortune Cards called to narrate our June Forecast. This is my all time favorite Lenormand deck (although a bit unconventional). If you're not familiar with Lenormand, they are French fortune telling cards that interact with each other and take on different meanings depending on the cards surrounding them.

Let's see what they have to say about the month ahead:


The Skinny

This month's focus is on our friendships and how we can alter our social environment so we can thrive and live our most authentic lives. 

Breaking Down the Cards

First we have Dog+Garden = social circle. This shows us that the reading will be concerning our friend group and how we interact with our group.

The centerpiece of this reading is the Book. This shows we are in the process of learning more about our friends and how each piece of our friendship mosaic impacts our life. The book is also about secrets and information that is within arm's reach which we haven't accessed yet. I like to think of the book as a book on our nightstand we haven't yet read but it's in our queue.

Since this is a VERY general reading and everyone has a unique friend group, it's tough to say exactly WHAT you will discover within your friendships. You could realize you're giving giving giving to one friend and never receiving. Maybe it's time to lighten your load and spend more time on your own or with friends that support you a bit more. Or perhaps you find out a friend is struggling with a health or family matter and you want to be there for them more. It truly could be any number of things. This month, we'll download the information/realizations that come to light and decide how we wish to proceed.

Book + Stork = changes made due to new information/changes made covertly. 

Now that we have new knowledge/realizations it's time to make changes that will positively impact you and all involved. For instance, say you do have a friend that has been consuming your resources and time. Although you may want to be there for that friend, you can't continue to give and give forever with out reciprocity of energy. The continuation of this relationship won't help you or your friend as they can't continue to rely only on you for support.

The Book and Stork suggest changes can be made without pomp and circumstance. You may quietly decide what needs to happen for you to live your best life. Last month was about discussing things we didn't want to deal with. This month, is about action and doing what will be best for us and others in the long run. So, maybe you just make the changes without disclosing why or how you plan to make them. Sometimes, we don't owe explanations. 

Stork+Tree = long term changes/changes made for long term growth

Gradually making these changes in our life may be best as the changes we make now will have a long term impact on our overall happiness. Say you do decide to spend more time with a friend who needs you. Maybe you don't need to call up that friend and say, "I heard you're having a really hard time so I'm going to be there for you." It may be best to just call that friend up and invite them to coffee and let them open up if they want. This may help you to be a better listener and friend in the long run and make your friend feel truly valued. 

Ask yourself...

In short, when it comes to friendships this month, take a look at the relationships that comprise your friend circle. What's working and what's not? Where can you give more and where can you step back? What changes can you make to improve your happiness and the happiness of those around you? Are you giving more than you're receiving? Or are you receiving more than you're giving? These are all questions to ask yourself this month. 

What did you think of this post? Let me know in the comments below. Cheers to June!