Choose your own Adventure - Weekly Draw 6.5

You're in the driver's seat

Each Sunday, I center myself to pick card(s) to see what the upcoming week has in store. This week, 3 cards surfaced as my hands felt the hum of the Wild Unknown deck. This week, YOU choose your card of the week!

So get centered, take a deep breath, exhale, and choose your card:

Deck is Wild Unknown

Deck is Wild Unknown

Okay, got it? Remember your card....




Let's reveal the messages:

Deck is Wild Unknown

Deck is Wild Unknown

Which card did you pick? Read the description below for your weekly forecast!

Card 1 - Justice:

Have you been on the fence about a decision? This week, you're asked to find a solution, come to a decision, or mediate a matter that has been brewing. This is the week to take the plunge and make the most fair, impartial choice you can. It may also be that you're not the decision maker this time and awaiting a ruling through legal or other official matters. You can take solace in knowing the outcome will likely be fair and just. Justice will prevail this week. 

Card 2 - 10 of Cups

You lucky duck! You're feeling the love this week. This card represents harmony and fulfillment in relationships throughout your life. Make sure to appreciate each moment and savor this happy time. Carve out as much time as you can for your friends, family, and romantic relationships this week. Don't take this time for granted!

Card 3 - 7 of Pentacles

You're about the long game. You've likely been toiling away at a long term endeavor and the results are not likely immediately received. This card is encouraging you to persist and continue working toward your goals. It can get frustrating working and working without seeing the payoff. This week, give yourself a pat on the back by taking stock of your accomplishments so far. What new skills/knowledge have you gained in the process? Look back at your path and see how far you have come. You are a warrior. You got this.

So...which card did you pick?

My card was the 7 of pentacles. My take away is to keep on that grind this week. Which card did you pick? Comment below and let me know. I hope you all have a beautiful, sunny week!