Weekly Draw 6.19

We've picked my all time favorite card....The Hierophant!

The Wild Unknown Tarot

The Wild Unknown Tarot

The Hierophant sounds important but....what the heck is it?

The Hierophant is a trusted guide and translator of the seemingly intangible. They often present old, sacred knowledge in a new and understandable way.

The crow in the card above represents sacred laws, mysteries, and magic. 

The key pictured above represents unlocking hidden information and accessing our subconscious.

The Hierophant is my personal soul card in the Tarot which of course, makes it the greatest. *wink wink* In many of my client readings we will determine what their soul card is through some light numerology. It's so fun to learn your soul card! It can give you a deeper understanding of yourself and inform what next step you may take. If you are more curious about your own soul card, I highly recommend the book "Who are you in the Tarot?" by Mary Greer. Or we can discover your soul card in a Reading Together

You'll notice on the card that the number at the top is a 5. Fives are usually dreaded in the Tarot! It usually means trouble, upheavel, mayhem ahead.  Many organically seek out Hierophants when they are going through a 5 period without even thinking about it! That's because Hierophants have the sacred knowledge and wisdom required to translate a dark period into a transformative one. 

So, what does the Hierophant mean for the week ahead?

This week, you will likely handle knowledge that can significantly shape your belief system or a friend's. The Hierophant is a perpetual student and teacher. They are always learning so they can be the best guides and are teaching so they can relay sacred knowledge. With our Monthly Forecast focusing on friendships, you will likely be called to see what knowledge and expertise you can pass on to your friends and also to see what you can learn from those around you. Having an open and observant eye this week will serve you well. 

You may also find yourself engaged in a structured learning environment perhaps through an organized group class at a school, church, or community organization. The Hierophant likes order so you may feel your days taking a more structured approach this week. Maybe structure won't kill us this week so we can learn where the middle so we can live in moderation in the future. 

However you look at the Hierophant, they are powerful translators who want guide you toward divine knowledge that already exists inside yourself. You just need to be open to their messages. They represent freedom through discipline. Structure to divinity. 

Bonus Journal Questions

  • What lesson have you learned that changed the way you think and been reminded of lately? (if you can't think of one example, get specific. Think, what has helped me rethink work, or my relationship, or interactions with my family, or my body image etc.). 
  • Who in your life do you think needs to hear this message? How can you share it with them in an approachable way?

I know I've already seen the Hierophant manifesting. What are you learning/teaching this week? Let me know in the comments below.