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Weekly Forecast 9.18.17 - Your Creativity is Throwing a Party....Get Invited

Yeah...I know it's a weird title but it's true!

I believe our creativity is almost always there, begging us to play but we don't give it the time of day because we're on our daily grind.

After having several days off, I always notice these amazing (or at least I think they're amazing...but who knows) ideas flowing. But I have to first clear out all the daily muck, allow some stillness, and let my mind wander...

Those pesky daily lives...can't we just chuck all those responsibilities out the window...NOPE. But there always is room for our creativity - we just have to make space and allow it to dance in a corner, so we can come join it when we're able to.

Remember, our September Monthly Forecast asked us to give some space to our soul projects, creative endeavors and side hustles...what is your soul pining for?

Last Week, we pulled the Three of Worlds (Pentacles) - Nurturing. Nurturing ourselves is the first step in nurturing a creative baby. 

This week, I asked what can we focus on/do to succeed in our creative endeavors.

Let's take a closer look at our cards.

Titania's Fortune Cards

Titania's Fortune Cards

Letters + Moon + Mountain + Anchor + Mice

Here's the skinny...our creativity is inviting us in but we are not able to receive its invitation because our long term habits/structures are not built around our true desires.

The remedy? Chip away at what is not serving you bit by bit.

I know that is A LOT of information for just one five card spread so lets look at the combinations in detail.

Letters + Moon = Invitation to your creativity (remember in our September Forecast, the moon served as our creativity as well)

Moon + Mountain = Creativity is blocked.

Mountain + Anchor = I know this one is a bit of a stretch but the cards spoke to me on this one. The blockage is long term because it relates to the structure of our life. We can't see the invitation because our lives aren't built for it right now. Our long term way of being is in our way and we can't see past our day to day.

Anchor + Mice = Chip away at the old way. Slowly breaking down way previous normal. 

A note about interpreting this spread for Lenormand Learners...

Since I have such a long term relationship with this Lenormand deck, I feel like it uses shorthand for me. When I was starting out, I probably would have pulled 7 cards for this and the tower and scythe would have been in there somewhere, most likely. I felt their imprints in this reading. However, after I had read Lenormand for a few years, I started getting these downloads where I get a more nuanced understanding of a combination. This is one of those times where that download nuanced the cards in a big way, giving more meaning to the Anchor than usual. 

This is an example that divination is not an exact science. The point is to pay attention to your gut and listen to what the cards are telling you. This is your intuition and/or psychic abilities coming to light. Let them speak! Okay...back to the interpretation...

You may be thinking...chip away at the structures of my life? I can't chuck my job or my kids out the window!

Of course not! *although a break would be nice....* What this is asking you to do is think about is reassess...what are you spending your time doing and what CAN you chuck out the window?

Maybe your kid has to bring cupcakes to a girl scout meeting....what if you buy cupcakes instead of making them?

You have been answering work emails at home, loooong after your work day ends. What if you set a time to stop looking at your work emails?

You take care of your yard on the weekend and you hate it...what if you hired the neighbor kid to mow it or hired a landscaping business? Would it kill you? 

These types of small changes add up. Just focus on the things that you do not enjoy doing and CAN eliminate. Many great things are achieved through gentle persistence....not all at once! What if you just dedicated 5 hours a week to your passion project. It may not seem like a lot but that time adds up! Also, our creative juices begin to run dry after a couple hours so if you have dedicted time each day and you prepare yourself to work, you may be surprised at just how much you can accomplish. 

Okay, that's great Emily but I don't even know where to start...

Don't worry...I got you covered. On Wednesday I will have a post dedicated to removing that blockage. There will be Tarot/Lenormand spread or journal questions to get you going! 

So don't shove that creativity down. Let it out to party in the corner. Go hang out with it when you get a sec.

See you Wednesday :)