Weekly Draw 6.12

Our card of the week...The Page of Swords, Reversed!


Gotta alotta energy

This week is all about not rushing into things. When we look at the Page of Swords card, he has this windswept look. The wind is momentum, getting him primed to strike his sword at whatever comes at him:

Radiant Rider Waite Deck

Radiant Rider Waite Deck

We can get carried away with new ideas and act without thinking things through. He may swing that sword at anything without realizing what he's striking at!

You may feel that wind at your back, ushering your forward, like go ahead and buy that designer swimsuit! The Page brings eagerness and enthusiasm which can cause us to leap without thinking. Since we do have this card in the reversed position, this underlines the shadow side. We may get carried away by the energy we feel which can cause us to make rash or uneducated decisions.

Hold up and think about it

With summer coming at us, we could get carried away by hot weather purchases and projects. Maybe hold off before buying that boat until you fully think through what it will be like to maintain that boat in the winter! Just slow your roll a bit! 

We also may be eager to help others and make promises. With this boundless energy hurling itself at us, we can think we have all resources to help our friends. This can be great, but you may find yourself breaking more commitments than usual this week. So before you promise you will attend an event, or help a friend, really ensure you can follow through. It may be better to just play things by ear this week.

Are you getting that itch to impulse buy? I know I am! Let me know how you're handling this energy in the comments.