Weekly Forecast: Wheel of Fortune!

1st Question: What's in store for us this week?

We got...the WHEEL OF FORTUNE!

Sounds kind of fun, huh? Like the Wheel of Fortune game show. You never know what the wheel is going to land on and that is the nature of this card. This week, there are a lot of external factors at play that we don't necessarily have control over. These factors can greatly impact our lives for better or for worse. 

The nature of the wheel dictates we will be at the top at times and the bottom other times.If you are in the better camp, enjoy the view while it lasts. If you land at the bottom and things don't go your way, know you will be at the top again soon. If you work hard, you can turn the wheel faster so you don't have to mope around in the dungeons of the bottom of the wheel. 

2nd Question: What can we do to best navigate this Wheel of Fortune energy?

We drew the Mother of Pentacles. I love this card. It's a reminder to care for our physical home and our physical body. Remember our July Monthly Forecast emphasized creating a philosophical refuge so we can retreat here and always have a home base. This card is asking us to curate sacred space this week so the craziness of the outward world doesn't send us into a tizzy. Set up an alter, get some new art in your home that inspires you, cook a nice meal, go to yoga class. Whatever makes you feel safe, warm, and fuzzy....do that. 

Remember, if you are taking care of your home, your body, and your mind, you improve your odds to linger at the top of the wheel more often and to just breeze past the bottom.