Behind the Curtain: Inside my Grand Tableau Reading (Part 1)

Part 1: Creating Sacred Space

Confession. I haven't been a big fan of reading for myself for the past few years. I've kept up with picking a daily card but when it comes to longer spreads, I haven't been as dutiful. 

I typically see several great readers to have some me time's been awhile. 

The past few months have been very eventful with redesigning my website, car issues, house hunting, etc. and I felt it was time for a check in with my soul. So I decided to go in deep and do a thorough reading for myself to get centered and see what's around the bend. 

To continue my Behind the Curtain series, I'm showing my annual to biannual gigantic reading I do for myself. I always wonder how professionals in other areas do their thing for themselves so here's me doing my thing for myself. 

Sacred Space

Clearing space is essential for a productive reading. When you take the time to curate your environment, you're sweetening the deal for your true self and intentions to make an appearance. I know this sounds a little woo woo, but you are getting your brain and heart ready for the important messages about to come through. This only happens once or twice a year so let's do it right!

 I clear my schedule for a few hours and go to the place in my house I always go for sacred front of my fireplace. Why, I feel this is the best place? It's something about the stone of the fireplace - it feels like somewhere older and I can hear myself. Also, if I knock candles over, I'm not going to light my whole living room on fire!

I pick out my decks, one Lenormand and one Tarot deck, my favorite reading cloth, grab my journal, light some candles, and put a small bowl of water in the center. To me, water represents the subconscious to me so it's almost a physical representation and reminder of my inner self's presence.

I hold my Lenormand cards in my hands and ask, "what spread should I use?" Once I begin shuffling, I know a Grand Tableau reading is in order. I do one at least once a year and it's long overdue!

The Big Kahuna

A Grand Tableau reading (French for Big Picture) is the mother of all Lenormand readings. In this reading, you deal out ALL the cards. Crazy, right? It's essentially a life map custom to you that shows what requires your attention and places the pieces of your life on a tangible grid.

I feel so lucky to have a tool like this at my fingertips. You can usually get a forecast of your next 6-12 months. Makes sense why this is such a popular spread with my clients!

While I'm shuffling, I'm "charging" cards, which is assigning my meanings to particular cards. In my head I'm saying "I represent the woman. The man represents my boyfriend. The star represents my divination profession." 

After I feel the cards are shuffled, I lay them all out on my favorite cloth.

Titiana's Fortune Cards

Titiana's Fortune Cards

HUUGE huh? I start getting excited because of all the possible card combinations and outcomes! This is a life map after all. 

I do things a bit differently from other Lenormand readers as I lay the cards face down when most Lenormand readers would deal them face up. I do this because the cards are SO LOUD. They jump out and compete for attention so I need to flip some over, hear their messages, then move on to the next. This can be challenging for a Grand Tableau so I dissect each section, then circle back to see the picture holistically.

The first four cards give me the general flavor for the reading:

Titiana's Fortune Cards

Titiana's Fortune Cards

I'm so excited by these cards because I'm in a growth state! I'm learning information that will help me grow into my potential (Tree + Book). Also, the journey I'm on has blessings to pick up along the way (Bouquet + Road).

There is more nuance added to a Grand Tableau reading because each card inhabits a house due to the location they are in. There are set positions that don't change from reading to reading that I have memorized and provide even more specificity. So the Tree is in the house of the rider (movement, arrival), the book is in the house of the clover (luck), and so on for all 36 cards.

Grand Tab what? Sounds really confusing....

Don't worry! If you guys want, I can post tutorials about GTs later. Also, it takes YEARS to be able to read a GT with confidence which is why you have moi here. There are so many other spreads to start out with that are much smaller in scope but give you great answers.

Stay Tuned.

Next week, I'll flip over ALL the cards and reveal what my Grand Tableau says. There is SOO much information in a Grand Tableau, it warrants two posts.

What do you do to create sacred space? Comment and let me know.