Weekly Draw 5.15 - Choosing the Climb

Let's keep it kicking with Lenormand this week. If you're not familiar with Lenormand divination cards,  I recommend checking out my post, Meet Lenormand, your Sassy Best Friend, which describes what Lenormand is and how it works in more detail.

Normally, I would pull at minimum two cards as Lenormand cards play off each and act like a sentence....but when I went to pull cards this week, I pulled one card and my intuition told me I was done.

You may have seen the quote circulating on social media that says:

"Told you so."

- Sincerely, Your Intuition.

Thought I would listen.

Plus, if you're new to Lenormand, pulling one card can be a great starting point to learn individual cards before moving into combinations. 

Our card of the week is....drum roll.........the Mountain

Titiana's Fortune Cards

Titiana's Fortune Cards

I know it doesn't exactly look like a mountain in this deck, but I promise it is!

What does the Mountain mean?

The Mountain = blockages, slow pace, strength

When the mountain appears in a reading, I immediately search for the cards around it to see what is being blocked and what's on the other side of the blockage. It's usually pointing to a problem or situation that needs attention. With only pulling one card this week, we're asked to look at how we deal with blockages in our lives in general. 

Looking back to our May Monthly Forecast, this month is about dealing with problems/situations we would prefer to ignore. Heck, these problems are popping up like whack-a-mole this month for me! I'm dealing with getting my car fixed (someone hit it when it was parked), finances, working on coding for my website. Seems like things are appearing, then solving them is like MOVING THROUGH MOLASSES. It can be very frustrating. Who can relate?

I had a yoga teacher in the past the said, "the way we overcome difficult poses in yoga often informs us how we overcome challenges in life."

The mountain reminds me of this quote. After pulling this card this week, I realize I've been just trying to move through my problems while angry, upset, and showcasing other unflattering emotions this week. Of course it's perfectly human to feel these emotions when your health insurance makes a mistake and charges you an extra $400, or when you don't get the job you interviewed for, or when a 16 year old who's had their license for one day hits your car and doesn't leave a note and you have to play detective to figure out who did it (I'm not bitter at all). But, if we stay here in these emotions and don't do the hard work of processing through the anger, frustration, or grief then we'll always be on the darker side of the mountain. Plus, we'll probably be mean to the poor customer service people answering our calls!

What will it take for you to get to the other side of these emotions?

Working though these emotions help you traverse the mountain so you can get to the top. The reward at the top is the bird's eye view. What is the bigger picture? What are we trying to accomplish? 

The mountain is also a reminder to BE STRONG. Have the strength to begin the climb this week and process the emotions obstacles conjure.

How do you react to obstacles? Although we won't climb the mountain in one day, we can put one foot in front of the other and make the climb together.

Do you have any strategies for overcoming obstacles? Mine are going on a clarifying walk, journaling, listening to Beyonce, and pulling tarot/lenormand cards of course! If I'm still feeling stuck, I'll do a comprehensive reading for myself or seek out another reader to give me a different perspective.

Let me know how what you do to work through your problems in the comments below.